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What we’re about

When you're  a deep thinker, with a sensitive soul, you have the tendency to over-analyze and over-think. You don't give yourself a break and you're always too hard on yourself. 

OPEN MINDED DISCUSSIONS is a group to help, support and mentor each other over real life situations we face or see other people into. I'm not a philosopher, so friends help me cope up some real life situations.  Help me understand them.

When you're both a deep thinker and a sensitive soul, remember this - you have something special, you have art, you have magic within you, something about this unique pairing fuels the fire within you to be someone worth remembering, to do something extraordinary for the world, to use all the madness inside you and turn it into wisdom.

OPEN MINDED DISCUSSIONS will also be a group of book reading, book swapping and book discussions - sometimes a book can translate your life situations at the moment and if someone is scared of speaking out about the situation(s), talking of the book and identifying the characters with their problems and finding solutions, could help that someone unknowingly.