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What we’re about

Divorce sucks. It's expensive and it sucks. A safe community helps it suck less.
(Also, FYI, we are not scientologists! People keep asking me and don't worry - I don't mess with that!)

  • We offer an open space where you can ask for and give support, get questions answered, talk to professionals, bitch and moan, and eventually move onward and upward.

If you're looking for more community and support, join our Facebook group, Divorce Club. I've set that up for Meetup members so you can connect between sessions:

The structure of our meetings will be more or less the same each month:

  • We will start the meeting with introductions, asking for and giving support, asking questions, etc.
  • After about an hour, we will have a guest give a short presentation about a specific topic and answer questions
  • We will wrap up with more community building, support giving, question answering

The topics/guests for the rest of the year are:
April: The family home - we'll be joined by mortgage/realtor experts with specialization in divorce
May: TBD - please let me know if there's a topic you'd like to focus on
June: Regulation, hot buttons, and more. We'll be joined by a therapist
July: coparenting/parallel parenting. We'll be joined by a coparenting coach
August: addiction.
September: mediation and negotiation
October: domestic violence/abuse
November: managing high conflict behavior/issues during the holidays
December: divorce prep

Just because we'll be focusing on these topics, it doesn't mean that we won't/can't talk about whatever is on your mind as well. I just want to try to bring you professional support and education on a variety of topics as well!

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