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What we’re about

ONLINE MEETUPS offering due diligence resources for business creators & buyers.


This is an educational environment that teaches how to succeed in business by researching, vetting, and planning the right venture to live a life crafted by design.

It is for individuals who are not in business yet and wish to:
- Craft a life of their design with a business they own.
- Explore business ideas and pick the best one for them to start.
- Break free from corporate and launch a successful career as an entrepreneur by taking steps to start it on a solid foundation with early-stage research and due diligence.
- Secure funding for a small business, either for startup capital or growth. 
- Learn about business setup, vetting, leadership, management, and return on investment for a small business.
- Objectively compare options to business ownership: independent startups, developing turnkey businesses, and acquiring existing businesses.
- Prove or disprove an idea to create a business startup from the ground up before investing significant sums.
- Research absentee concepts as a way to mitigate the risks of unexpected layoffs from a full-time job and to create additional revenue streams for financial security. 
- Source business professional services.

Cheers to a life you love!

Your host,