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What we’re about

The (TCOppNetwork) Treasure Coast Opportunity Network is built on the foundation of maximizing opportunities for all people and businesses involved, by paying it forward across Florida’s Treasure Coast. Each of these events are created to achieve the best introductions, connections and conversions for every business, every professional and every product. The Treasure Coast Opportunity Network sets the stage for every event to result in the most engaging, networking, connecting, converting and sustaining experience possible. 
For more information on The Treasure Coast Opportunity Network as well as more about meetings, events, sponsorships, members and to join for free, 

visit: or on social media at:

Instructions to join:

1. go to ( open a free profile ).  There are many groups on meetup, this will give you the ability to join any of them.

2. then go to and click on ask to join.  You'll fill out a few basic business profile questions.  Pretty much what is on your business card.

3. I approve you ( it sends me a notice that you're waiting to get in )

Then you're good to go

The power is in the calendar  ( under the meetups tab above ) as we keep you up to date and off the couch to expand your business contacts.

Please use the message boards to gather data, speak about events and opportunities.

If you're confused or need assistance just flip me an email :

or call me at 772.209.2300 ( my cell )

Non participatory members may be removed from the list to make room for members who will participate..