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Feeling Lonely? Feeling Depressed? Got Coronavirus Anxiety ?

If you are experiencing isolation, fear, anger, or low self-esteem you may be suffering from depression. Depression is not a passing blue mood, which almost everyone experiences from time to time, but a complex mind/body illness that interferes with everyday functioning.

Depressed Anonymous facilitates the ongoing efforts of an international fellowship of men and women who desire to climb out of depression. DA members come together in weekly meetings for the purpose of working toward recovery from depression.

As an anonymous program, DA respects the confidentiality of its members at all times. Members are not required to share any personal details - or even last names - if they do not chose to at meetings. As a spiritual program, there is an emphasis on a Higher Power.

DA provides a warm and accepting group setting in which to share experiences without fear of criticism. Through weekly support meetings, members discover they are not alone in their struggles. We may each have different symptoms, but the underlying causes of our depression are the same or similar.

Join us at our Candlelight Meeting every Monday at 8pm. During the COVID-19 crisis we meet on Zoom. 

Contact Us:

Orange County Depression Anonymous 

(310)876-2446 text/voice