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Representing the Orchestration of Infrastructure, this group is for anyone remotely interested in what it takes to build, manage, and orchestrate modern infrastructure systems. We'll talk about everything from containers to cloud including topics around clusters, networking, storage, load balancing, and more! We're open to all sorts of members like DevOps and Software Engineers, System Admins, and even Technical Managers looking for better grasp of architectural concepts.

Interested in Presenting!? https://github.com/orchestructure/presentations

In the mean time, come hangout in the official Slack, #orchestructure, on the madeina2 network (sign up here: http://madeina2.com/slack)

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates: https://twitter.com/orchestructure

Want to reach out directly to our organizers? Email orchestructure.meetup@gmail.com

Upcoming events (1)

Linkerd at Openly


Brandon Dimcheff, a long-time Ann Arobrite and engineer at Openly, will discuss Linkerd: a kubernetes-native service mesh letting you easily monitor, debug, and increase service reliability. Brandon will delve into how Openly has leveraged Linkerd to gain visibility into external services as if they were running locally. He’ll present a live demo showcasing Linkerd’s capabilities while covering gotchas and surprises found through the adoption journey. Food will be provided by the CNCF. See everyone there!

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Infrastructure Automation at Duo


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