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Representing the Orchestration of Infrastructure, this group is for anyone remotely interested in what it takes to build, manage, and orchestrate modern infrastructure systems. We'll talk about everything from containers to cloud including topics around clusters, networking, storage, load balancing, and more! We're open to all sorts of members like DevOps and Software Engineers, System Admins, and even Technical Managers looking for better grasp of architectural concepts.

Please see our at https://orchestructure.io/

• Interested in being a speaker at a future event? https://github.com/orchestructure/presentations

• In the mean time, come hangout in the official Slack, #orchestructure, on the madeina2 network (sign up at http://madeina2.com/slack)

• Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates! https://twitter.com/orchestructure

• Want to reach out directly to our organizers? Email orchestructure.meetup@gmail.com

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Differently Wrong: Continuous Delivery at StockX

Duo Security

For too long, developers at StockX have been taxed with building and deploying their code. Manually. No checks, no verification, no alerts. That's all about to change. Join Mario Loria for a trip down implementation lane on molding the coveted pipeline: Enabling unit testing, automated builds, and safe deployments all on Kubernetes, Helm, and CircleCI. Food by CNCF, Location by Duo. Amazing experience? All you!

The Orchestructure Workshop 2019


Please see the official Workshop page at https://workshop.orchestructure.io/ The Orchestructure Workshop will bring together southern Michiganders to provide hands-on experiences with the very technologies talked about at every meetup. The Workshop will take place over 4 hours with beginner and advanced content including a lunch period with time before and after for conversation. Each session will be around 1.5 hours in length with a half-hour break for lunch. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can get an accurate idea of planning requirements. Orchestructure stickers and other branded items will be available as well as refreshments throughout the entirety of the Workshop. Feel free to post comments and questions. The full schedule and other details can be found at https://workshop.orchestructure.io/

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Gitlab CI at ARC-TS


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