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Meet other local people who are interested in eating and growing organically, preserving the environment, living in a sustainable way, promoting the cooperative and Public Benefit Corporation business models, and spreading awareness about all of these. Nonsectarian, non-commercial.

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Right to Know (which foods have GMOs) | ongoing campaign

Right To Know MN is a campaign started by concerned citizens to make the labeling of GMOs the law in Minnesota. A coalition of farmers, health advocates, families, and others who support healthy foods, they are moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons, from all different walks of life, who believe we have the right to know what is in the foods we eat. Because more pesticides are used on GMO crops, the food ends up with a lot more harmful pesticide residues. If you're concerned about the prevalence of cancer, systemic auto-immune diseases, degenerative brain diseases, and other epidemic health conditions, you may wish to participate in this campaign which simply asks for transparency about which foods contain GMOs so consumers can choose whether to eat them or not. http://www.righttoknowmn.org/

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