What we're about

This is the organizer Meetup for organizers. Being a part of this community will teach you how to find your people and elevate your experiences. We know that growing a great Meetup requires care and attention, and we’re here to learn from each other.

When you join this Meetup group, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate the community you’re building by learning and sharing your knowledge with the broader Mumbai Meetup community.

Organizer Meetups are peer-to-peer groups. Meetup HQ is not running this Meetup group in any official capacity, and generally doesn't monitor, review, or control any events or other content before it is posted. Meetups are run by local community leaders and not administered by Meetup HQ (unless otherwise noted).

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Join us for a special Meetup: guest from New York

Needs a location

Bohri Food To Meet and Share

Needs a location

Meetup with Scott Heiferman, Founder and CEO of Meetup

Needs a location

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