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What we’re about

Welcome community organizers, community builders, friends, allies and members of The Friendship Archway Network for One "Age-Friendly" City. Let's come together, work together and succeed together! Let's collaborate as Allies Bridging Cultural Divides in downtown Washington D.C. to take action on the vision for One City and One "Age-Friendly" City!


Friendship is a very important key to a better future and a better world for all.

The first step is to get to know each other better to see if we are ready to work together harmoniously with appreciation, forgiveness and understanding. These monthly social networking events provide opportunities to extend joy and friendship by developing more allies and by connecting with others interested in similar topics. Express your interest to the co-organizers and followup.

WHEN: 12:30PM TO 2:30PM on the third Sundays of each month, same time and place!

Let's welcome newcomers to the Washington D.C. area as well as stay in touch with friends, old and new. What to expect

First, you will sit at a conversations table and order food or drink (self-pay). You will meet people interested in personal, economic, spiritual and community organizing. When the room is full after people have arrived and checked in, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to all the participants in a round of self-introductions around the room. Then you can personally interact with those you wish to followup with and exchange contact information.

We want to collaborate with you to co-organize and co-sponsor these ongoing monthly community networking and other events to create more opportunities for people to connect with people who may not otherwise meet to broaden horizons and expand possibilities for all. We look forward to get to know each other better through these ongoing 3rd Sunday educational interactive community luncheon events! Let's collaborate on exciting new community initiatives! Come and learn what is on the drawing board with nonprofit leaders, business owners, economic developers, community advocates and  program alumni.

Introduce yourself by sharing who or what you appreciate at these websites: or email to or   We welcome you to join this Meetup Alliance for Conversations at,, and

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