What we're about

We want to bring together Japanese natives, foreigners living in Kansai and travelers who are on a journey through Japan. Our events are a chance for people to share their experiences and learn about the world.

You can meet local people who will teach you about the best places and things to do around Kansai during the night. Meet people who can tell you stories about their homeland and travels around the world. Practice your English or Japanese language. You can relax and converse with a friendly group of people.

Come with us to explore events, celebrate holidays, enjoy food and drink, and build a community of people who are open-minded, interesting and genki!:)

Upcoming events (5+)

🎲Boardgamers & Card Games Night #67⏳

Cafe Absinthe

英語話さなくていいよ。ボードゲームかカードゲームに興味があったら、是非参加してください。 NOTE: At the door please say "Im here for the boardgames event" and you will go to the right tables section of this huge bar". This is a group for ANYONE interested in BOARDGAMES and CARD Games. These are famous games that EVERYONE knows...... ...(AND there are couple of boardgames and card games for those nerdy types too hahahah) WE HAVE A RANGE OF BOARDGAMES and CARD GAMES (of course the best): CARD GAMES: -Coyote (special deck) -Roach Poker(special deck) -Daifugo -Asshole -Cambio -Penguin Party (special deck) -Poison (special deck) -Insider (special deck) -Poker -Briscola (special deck) -Crazy Eights -Vulture (special deck) -Dos (special deck) -Seven Up -Rummy BOARD GAMES: -Settlers of Catan -Rummy Cub -Ticket to Ride (Europe) -Monopoly (U.S. version) -Scrabble -Risk -Pictionary -Taboo -Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus -Wack the Mole -Connect 4 -Checkers -Majong -Poker (no gambling, winner gets free drink) -Chess -Othelo/Reversi -Backgammon -Scattergories PS:Have we missed any great games????? You can bring your own too:) WHO: About 10~15 people will come LEVEL: ANY level is fine, for many people it will be their FIRST TIME playing these boardgames!! WE WILL TEACH YOU OUR GAMES...SO DON'T WORRY... You will have fun:) ADMISSION FEE: ONLY 500yen to play allll the boardgames you want...please buy a drink at the bar (happy hour all night JUST FOR US) TIME: 7pm start, but you can come ANYTIME:) WHERE: At "Absinthe Cafe". Take exit of Shinsaibashi Station exit 7 and walk West for 3 blocks. Its on the corner and has a BIG "Absinthe Cafe" sign. CONTACT: If you have ANY questions pllllease ask me Andy on www.facebook.com/andyopple See you there:) Andy

🍀FREE International Gathering!! "OPPLE Osaka"🍀

Note: THIS IS A FREE EVENT Note: OPPLE (Osaka Party People & Language Exchangers) is the largest international social gathering group in Osaka and Kansai !!!! With over 300 people every week!!! We like to show our appreciation to you and give you a great free event, EVERY Thursday 7pm at a fantastic Location!!!! We also organize discounted drinks if you want to order some. This Thursday group of 50~70+ people gather from a variety of different countries (Japan, America, France, Spain, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Argentina, England etc etc that meet once a week to chat, meet new people and share languages, stories and good times:) COMING ALONE? Yes, its okay to come alone, almost everyone does:) Actually it's the best way to meet new people! SHY? Most are when coming for the first time. We are a friendly bunch:) It's our job to make you have a great time....so leave it to us!! WHAT IS IT LIKE?: Check out a short video of our event: https://youtu.be/L624dPzcY9k WHAT WE DO We have little flag stickers from over 150 countries. -The first flag is your native language and you stick it at the top. - The rest follow in order or ability. So for example: I'm Australian, so I grab the Australian flag and I put it at the top of my shirt. Im studying Japanese so I get a Japanese flag. Also l'm interested in Spanish so i put that under the Japanese flag.....so easy:) You don’t have to be an advanced speaker, or even speak a second language - its for all levels! TIME: 7 - 11PM....but DON'T COME TOO LATE If you're new its better to come earlier so I can introduce you to other friendly guests. FOOD: If you want quality, affordable food we have it. Its Mediterrainean food, so its delicious:) Please ask us for the menu. HOW TO GET TO THERE: At "Absinthe Wormwood". Take exit of Shinsaibashi Station exit 7 and walk West for 3 blocks. Its on the left corner there is a BIG "Absinthe Cafe" (DONT go in the cafe). Go to the right of the cafe and you will find some stairs leading down to a B1 bar....HUGE bar:) This is a good googlemaps link: https://goo.gl/maps/nF116DFYEXU2 OPPLE has been doing events in Osaka for more than 5 years. Check out our main websites Website : www.oppleosaka.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/oppleosaka We do other events such as: Tours: www.backstreetosakatours.com Hikes: www.kansaihikes.com Pub Crawl: www.osakapubcrawl.com Sports events: https://www.meetup.com/osakasports1 Food Events: https://www.meetup.com/OFFFOsaka Most of our participants are not members of MeetUp, so don't be put off by low numbers here!!! See you thereee Cheers, Andy:)


Absinthe Wormwood

IMPORTANT: This is the map to ABSINTHE WORMWOOD: https://goo.gl/maps/NmBkzEmwXsk PPPLLLEASE SEE SOME OF OUR GROUP PHOTOS: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oppleosaka/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1918657698386494 TO FEEL WHAT AN EVENT IS LIKE, LOOK AT OUR PING PONG EVENT VIDEO : https://youtu.be/l6tyV3WNlLU ANOTHER VIDEO: https://youtu.be/4uxmzbx8Hoc You CAN'T play ping pong well? You wanna chat and make new friends? Well.... This is the perfect Osaka Party for you:P This is more of a relaxed chat with a hit of Ping Pong Powwww~~~ or as some of you call it table tennis. Its a language exchange with energy, excitment and laughs!! 卓球上手じゃない?新しい友達作りたい?ほんなら、このイベント是非来て(笑)。 こんにちは。 毎週水曜日に心斎橋で卓球やって、おもろい会話しよう:) ほとんど皆さんはこのページに登録します。 http://www.oppleosaka.com #皆さんのレベルは初心者か中級だから、気にしないで、参加してください。:) でかいバーで四つ卓球台使って、楽しむ:) 7:30時から9:30までフリータイムです。その後ペアのチームを作って、コンペティションします。誰も真剣にやってないので、心配しないでください:)なんでもレベルいいよ。90パーは初心者です(笑) 英語はなさなくていいけど、もし英語に興味があったら、恥ずかしがらないで、しゃべってみて (半分お客様は外国人)。 参加費:500円 時間:七時から十時まで 連絡先: 日本語大丈夫 Andy. フェースブックは http://www.facebook.com/andy.opple 私の変な日本語さっぱりわからん?ごめん(笑) よろしくお願致します。 BREAKING THE ICE!!!:) Thats what a lighthearted ping pong game does:) WE HAVE THIS EVENT EVERY THURSDAY at a fantastic international bar in the centre shinsaibashi...2 mins walk from Shinsaibashi Station. I have done over 600 international parties in Osaka ranging from food, BBQs, All you can drink, walking tours, weekend getaways, camps, overseas group trips etc........ BUT this is the best as table tennis is the key to breaking the ice. Japanese people are shy, but this opens them up!!! AND its only 500yen. We will have 3 tables and 1 beer pong table (3 INTERNATIONAL SIZE tables so even if you are bad, like me, you can hit the ball in hahaha) From 7:30pm till 8:00pm we will just have a relaxed hit and mingle with everyone. At about 8:30 I will pair everyone up into similar level pairs and we will have a friendly competition and the winners get a drink of their choice:) Every paired team has a chance to win!!!!!! ATTENDANCE FEE参加費: 500yen per person (with a chance to win FREE drinks of your choice!!) REMEMBER: Many people will come for the first time so please have a chat with everyone and make them feel welcome. Most new people are very nervous when they first come!! Lets help them out and make them have an EPIC time:) WHERE: ABSINTHE WORMWOOD (Below ABSINTHE CAFE). Walk to the corner and go down the stairs. This is the map to ABSINTHE WORMWOOD: https://goo.gl/maps/NmBkzEmwXsk IMPORTANT YOUTUBE LINK: This is the final where 2 teams go for victory (and win FREE drinks of your choice) .....but nobody is really serious about winning.All for FUN!!!:) https://youtu.be/PhOsF0CFvBU CONTACT連絡: Ask me (Andy) on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/andy.opple See you thereee Cheers, Andy :P

MEMORIAL DAY PUB CRAWL! (FRI) メモリアル・デイ パーティー!(金)

Welcome to the Friday Night Osaka Pub Crawl I hope you're all ready to kickoff an unofficial start to summer with our MEMORIAL DAY party!! Unlike the States,we won't be having any BBQ or having a huge grillout, BUT we'll have tonsss of booze for you all! Come wearing some RED, WHITE and BLUE to show some 'merican pride! 夏はすぐそこ!アメリカの祝日 メモリアルデー. この日はパーティーをする家庭も多いが、パブクロールではいつもの2倍飲んで遊びまくる予定さ!アメリカンの気分で赤、白、青を着てきてね! 大阪パブクロールは、毎週金曜日&土曜日に大阪で開催されている、新しいタイプのイベントです。The Japan Timesにも掲載されています(記事は下にあります)!このイベントのコンセプトは、“バーホッピング”、“バーツアー”、“バー巡り”です。 参加者は最初のバーで会い、みんなで3つ4つのバーに行きます。スタッフが誘導して、全員がひとつの大きなグループでバーからバーに歩いて移動します。誰でも参加できるパーティーで、新しい人に出会ったり、友達と楽しんだり、大阪のナイトライフを経験するのにとてもいい機会です。初めての参加であったり、もっと詳細を知りたいという方は、下に日本語と英語で詳細があるので是非チェックしてみてください。 We are organizing another Friday night pub crawl in Osaka and everyone is invited to stop by. You all will get free shots, drink discounts, and entry into 2 bars and a club throughout the night. Friendly crowd, mix Japanese / non-Japanese, guys / girls. Most people come alone so don't be shy! BRING YOUR ID. (more English details below) // コンセプト 大阪パブクロールとは、大人数グループでバー巡りをするイベントです。日本人も外国からの人も、いろんな国籍の人が集まり、バーやクラブを巡りながら一晩の交流をはかるものです。 パブクロールは毎週末に開催されており、毎回違うバー/クラブに行き、いろんな人に出会い、とても刺激的です。来る目的もさまざまです。国際交流したい人、飲みたい人、お友達を作りたい人、踊りたい人、異文化や言語を学びたい人…いろんな人が来るので楽しめます。みんなが仲良くなれるようにゲームをしたり、おもしろい企画もたくさんです。 各バーでフリーショットつき、一晩中ドリンクのディスカウントあり、フリードリンクをもらえるチャンスもたくさん!楽しいパーティーをお探しなら、大阪パブクロールへ! // DRESS CODE + CLUB INFO (**IMPORTANT) We will finish the night at a nightclub. Osaka is a casual city, but there are a few requirements for CLUB entrance: � Everyone MUST HAVE A VALID PHOTO ID such as drivers license, original passport, ID card w/ birthday � The drinking age in Japan is 20 years old // TICKETS • ¥2300 / person • Ladies ¥500 discount! • 20% Advance DISCOUNT (link): http://ptix.at/3fauzG // INCLUDES • 3 welcome shots per person • FREE shots between bars (Jagermeister, Jose Cuervo, etc) • Entrance to all bars and clubs • Chances to win drinks and prizes • Pictures of event • Potentially a back massage from Andy ** Please bring a VALID PHOTO ID ** // DETAILS • Visit 4 bars together • The last stop is a nightclub • Walk from bar to bar in one group • Average Group Size: 40 - 70 people TIME: 7:00pm - 11:45pm (ok if you are late) MEETING SPOT: Blarney Stone (shinsaibashi) Our only goal is to make sure everyone has a good time, and by the end of the evening they feel part of a big group of friends. Or they get really drunk. Or both. Many people come alone, so we mix the group and have fun together. Groups are welcome, too. Be ready to exchange languages, points of view, and hopefully phone numbers. (日本語) 4つのバーに行き、それぞれのバーでは各自フリーショット&1晩中ドリンクディスカウントがもらえます! 異文化交流をしながら、飲みながら、踊りながら、楽しい夜を過ごしましょう!1人で来てもお友達と来てもおっけー!最後のバーではみんなお友達になっているから! // 詳細 • 4つのバーに行く • 最後はクラブで終わる • バーからバーへはみんなで歩く(全てのバーは近距離) • 平均 40 - 70人 **IDを持ってきてください(必須)** 時間:7:00pm - 11:45pm (遅れても大丈夫) 集合場所:Blarney Stone (shinsabashi) // チケット • 男性 ¥2300 / 女性 ¥1800 (受付) • 20% 割引チケット(リンク): http://ptix.at/3fauzG **IDをもってきてください(必須!)** // 含むもの • 各自3つのウェルカムショット付き • バーとバーの間にもフリーショット付き • 全てのバーとクラブへのエントランス付き • ドリンクや景品を当てるチャンス • 人気者ジュリアーノからのバックマッサージ **IDをもってきてください(必須)** // 大阪パブクロールについて たくさんの人が1人で参加するため、みんなが仲良くなれるようにグループを混ぜたり、交流できるようにゲームを企画したり、みんなが楽しめるようにします。グループ参加ももちろん歓迎します。 言語を交換して、観点を交換して、電話番号を交換しちゃいましょう! // メディア • https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=814512705242769&set=vb.174629662564413&type=2&theater • https://vimeo.com/93241576 • http://youtu.be/16uk7JAKWFs • https://www.facebook.com/TokyoPub/photos_albums

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