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What we’re about

We've been doing Hack and Talk Social for over 4 years now, every single week on Friday night. We nerds and geeks don't have anything interesting going on then so this is an opportunity to fill that evening with something exciting. Studies have shown that working in social settings increases productivity and creativity, even if you're joining just for the white noise.

ATTENDANCE DISCRETION ADVISED. Minimum age 19+. Our discussions often go off-topic into less family friendly subjects. We're the craziest meetup in Ottawa, so loosen up and have fun with us.

Unlike most meetups, we don't have suggested subjects or boring topics. We proudly provide the most freeform platform for discussing whatever is on your mind. Though in general, many of the "debates" are about computing, software and programming. Current affairs often enter into the discussion so be ready to defend your views.

The Hack and Talk Social was originally a meetup for bringing programmers into one shop with their laptops working on their projects, hacking (white hat obviously), writing for their blogs or just showing off their latest work to others. However, the social aspect became the dominant part of the meetup. You can still bring your computer of course or tablet or just a pen and a notebook.

We've had many interesting people join in such as software developers, consultants, graphic designers, photographers, bus drivers, security experts, writers, business analysts and so on. No one is excluded from joining, you don't need to be tech savvy or a hacker.