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This is a group for those of us that are 35 to 49. Most of us are in the second chapter in our lives and are slowly rediscovering what is out there. We are dedicated to meeting new friends in an environment that is generally conducive to talking, one where you actually get to engage in an entertaining atmosphere. It'll be stuff you've always wanted to do, but didn't want to do alone. Our mix of activities will be dinners, dancing, live bands, cultural events, movie nights, craft/painting/game nights, picnics, hikes and walks, playing tourist in our town, and generally anything that strikes our fancy.

There is no need to be shy at one of our events. We were all newbies once! The other event hosts and I will keep an eye out for new members and introduce you to each other. You will be engaged and drawn into conversations. Members that make it out to one event tend to come out to as many as they can.

Any cover charges listed are the venues' not ours. This isn't that kind of meetup group. Running the site isn't free however and meetup charges me $15 US a month to keep it going. To cover that I'm going to throw up a donate button eventually. Pay what you will, when you can, or buy me a drink. It'll all work out in the end. :)

Feel free to drop me a line with event ideas, general suggestions, if you're willing to step up and organize something, or just help in general I'd appreciate it. Please post any event suggestions you have. No cross posting with other groups please, and nothing commercial in nature. We want our stuff to be exclusive and special to us.

Thanks for joining us and being part of this group, I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Your humble host,



PS. The part I hate, the legalese. The fine print. The C.Y.A. bits we seem to need in this society.

• 1 - We are adults, own it. By participating in these events, you agree not to hold any organizers or hosts liable. Especially if Timmy falls down a well or if you do something silly and hurt yourself.

• 2 - This is not POF, OKCupid, Match, or any number of online dating sites. This is for meeting people in person and for making friends. Please do not message members to ask them out on a date. I know you think you're being cool and all, but stop. It's weird and awkward, and it makes people uncomfortable. Anyone who abuses this or gives any fellow member the heebie-jeebies from this will get the mighty ban hammer.

• 3 - If you RSVP to an event, BE there. Especially if numbers are limited and there are others on the waitlist that want to go. RSVP's are tracked. Frequent abusers will get bumped from popular events. Please cancel at least 12hrs in advance. Restaurants put on additional staff for us, don't ruin relationships we've cultivated with the owners please.

• 4 - Be nice. This is a fun outlet for me. Don't make me police your drama please.

• 5 - We are LGBT friendly. Heck, we are friendly with everyone, god fearing or flying spaghetti monstering, whatever your political bent or nationality, we don't care. Are you good people? That's all we need to know. Play nice.

Have fun. No really. I mean it. Sign up for something and come out and play!

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