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What we’re about

Hello friends,
I am very happy to announce that Brian will be taking over as our new Organizer for Ottawa Social!
Brian is really excited to assist our leadership team in continuing to create the types of exciting events and activities we have all been used to for so many years.
" I am very active person who loves skiing, cycling, curling and kayaking. I am also very social and love getting out to meet people, especially with live music and dancing. "
We will be working on recreating our leadership team shortly, so if you were an event Organizer before, expect to receive an email from us soon as we restart our activites and events.


Ottawa Social welcomes you to the original National Capital Meetup group, the one that started it all, the group that has launched over a dozen other Meetup groups in the National Capital Region alone !

There are NO charges or fees to join, why pay just to look for things to do or to share ideas with each other ?

We are all about you socializing, making friends, creating new social circles, participating in physical activities, social events, taking-a-break, chillaxing, hosting, organizing or attending events or activities, discovering our city and enjoying life's simple pleasure of interacting.

We also take great pride in giving back to our community through continued involvement in charitable work such as sandwich making for the homeless, the Ottawa Mission, The Children's Wish Foundation, Toy Mountain, the Ottawa Food Bank, numerous events for Nations in Need and a variety of activities and events for over 45 different charities and community initiatives over the years !

We are always welcoming newcomers! Time and again we receive feedback about how welcoming we are, and how this group has transformed people's social lives, providing them with a platform from which to launch themselves back into an active lifestyle!
No wonder we took Ottawa by storm and quickly became the largest adult group in the Capital!

Once you're comfortable with our specific group, who knows, maybe you'll be hosting events too! Members are encouraged (but in no way obliged) to host events, and it is their initiative that provides us with such a rich variety of activities. If you would like to share an idea for an activity/event, let us know by CLICKING here !
Note, events or activities should be straightforward and not require any pre-collection of funds by ANY member.

Whether you're a resident, new to the city or just visiting, being socially active and meeting new people in a comfortable, safe and friendly environment while sharing the many activities and events Ottawa has to offer is always a wonderful option to have ! We encourage you to use your first name only and upload a recent photo to your Ottawa Social profile. You can do this by CLICKING here !

This is your opportunity to make friends , be active, and socialize! Our primary goal is to foster friendships.

We also encourage you to discover other Meetup groups in the region, some of which we originally launched, as well as other groups in cities you may visit during your travels.

Gee & your Ottawa Social Meetup Group of Volunteers Team :-)
Contrary to mythical legend, this group is not strictly for homo-sociologicus in their "thirties-only". Anyone who survived the embryonic stage and evolved for a quarter century or more is welcome to join,  making us the largest, most inclusive and multicultural group in the National Capital Region that doesn't take itself seriously! :-)
Members can join regardless of race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or any other unnecessary labels. We thrive on the diversity of backgrounds and cultures within the group. Be nice and you will be welcomed with open arms.

Founded Aug 9, 2008:

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Note: THIS PRIVATE GROUP IS NOT A SINGLES CLUB NOR A DATING SITE. This group is run by volunteers. Each group on Meetup is a separate entity, each with its own internal policies and ways of operating. The Organizers reserve the right to apply their own operating policies and procedures in their own groups at their own discretion. This group is not an organization or a business or a service and is not for profit. Our group is about general social activities and events for our members that we share with each other. We do not encourage  mass emailings related to direct marketing, sales, promotions or advertising.

NO volunteer can be held responsible or liable in any way shape or form for hosting any event or activity at any venue (public or private). You automatically released any volunteer from any and all responsibility & liability when you accepted to join this group. For more information please contact