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What we’re about

Our Safe Space is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that empowers feminine energy in any form, fostering growth and resilience by providing a positive space where everyone can thrive through self-discovery and community.

Working and learning together we can all become the best and happiest versions of ourselves. Nothing to worry about, because WE GOT YOU!

Know a topic you'd like to discuss, a class you'd like to teach, a think you'd like to learn. THIS is the place to do it.

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This nonprofit and is founded and led by Gayla Gongwer, a seasoned educator, trainer, and facilitator, who brings decades of experience and energy to her work. Born in Kentucky, she earned her degree in social psychology from Illinois State University before venturing west of the Mississippi in 1979 – and has gratefully avoided living in winter ever since.

Currently, Gayla is dedicated to growing her lifelong dream, "Our Safe Space," a nonprofit organization committed to helping everyone live the life of their dreams. Whatever that dream might be.

With a passion for community engagement, she currently volunteers weekly at Friends of the Library and serves on the Board & Marketing Committee. Gayla's love for literature extends beyond her volunteer work; she belongs to so many book clubs that she needs to track them on a spreadsheet.

Driven by her commitment to creating positive change and fostering inclusivity, Gayla invites you to join her in making a difference through "Our Safe Space" and beyond.

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