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What we’re about

We aim to provide a group where people can meet others in a social setting allowing them to form friendships and have an active social life.
Adults of all ages, gender, class, race, sexuality and marital status are welcome, however, the demographics of our group tends to be mainly middle aged.
Many of our activities are centred around Leamington Spa and Warwick,  but our members are from right across Warwickshire, Coventry and beyond.
So why not join us. Simply register, have a browse of our events and get RSVPing! You’ll generally find a mix of new and regular members at our events. Also, look out for events that highlight they are particularly geared for new members.

Our basic rules are:
*Respect the organisers - everyone is an unpaid volunteer here!
*If you put your name down for an event, turn up! 'No shows' are unacceptable.
*Be courteous to your fellow club members.
*If you want to see a specific event and its not currently offered, why not organise it yourself - we always welcome new organisers!
*Have fun! This is the most important one!

We do have a few running costs so to fund these we ask for new members to pay £2.50 (+68p finance charge) within a month of joining.

We do hope that you enjoy your membership and look forward to seeing you at an event in the near future.

DC and the organisers.