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What we’re about

Over five years ago this wonderful group was created to meet and connect people in  the did just that. Lifelong friendships have been made during many events and we enjoyed years of fun and laughter.  
Our focus is kindness and friendship among women of all ages within the LGBT community through activities including biking, hiking, brunch, picnics, arts, books, and sports events.
We hope to SEE you soon,
Alissa, Mary, Jessica, Lora, Nicky, and Sarah

Please note that attempt of using this group under promotion of a personal agenda, such as business, political or religion, will not be tolerated and the member will be removed from the group.
We reserve the right to dismiss any individual that we feel may cause harm, disruption, and general discomfort to other members.
We understand life gets busy, but we kindly ask that when you make a RSVP that you commit to that date and if you must cancel, please do so within 72 hours. Cancelling early assists the group readjust with venues and/or allow waitlist members in. If you have a last-minute emergency, please contact an Organizer and cancel your reservation. No shows will be kindly asked to correct on a future RSVP or be removed after three times of no show / no cancel. 
Events that include alcohol, we ask that you please drink responsibly and if you have more than intended please arrange for transportation. 
As most of our events will be women-only, we plan to host some events that will be open to everyone. All-inclusive events will be displayed clearly in the title of the event posted. Men and allies of the community that are invited by our members will be welcome to those specific events.
Men and heterosexual women are not eligible for membership.