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What we’re about

For those that are aged 40 and up following CDC guidelines. This is a meetup to provide outdoor enjoyment with wine and good conversation during these crazy years.  A shared love of the grape ;).
We have a medley of events from area vineyards to wine tastings locally in Fairfax, Clifton and Arlington. Our hosts bring their expertise in helping plan for fun places and sharing of good wine.
Please note that over the year we've had several folk sign up for events and then not show. Please, keep your RSVP current (going or waitlist) so that others have the opportunity to attend. Many of our gatherings are not large so signing up and not showing is something we'd rather not see and will remove the member from the group if a "no show". Everyone has ample time to update their RSVP or at a minimum, contact any host or even message on the event page. If it was something really unforeseeable, please let us know after the event and we'll update the membership. I think it's great there are so many who enjoy the vineyards and we just want to ensure others on the waitlist have ample time to plan and join as well. If there are no limits on an event, being a no-show doesn't matter... it's the ones we put together with the vineyards that have limits that do. Thanks.

Policy 11/10/2022
When an event has been scheduled and a payment made, any no-shows/late cancellation will be removed. A late cancellation is defined as one within hours of the event the day of.  You can notify your host in advance if you are having an issue but the best policy is to make sure your RSVP is current and you cancel with enough notice so another might join.
For the other events, the second no-show/late cancellation for unpaid events will be removed. 

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