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What we’re about

Outdoor Weekends has been one of the best UK based hiking group for over 10 years. If you want to get out shake off the cobwebs and get some miles in exploring some of the UK’s best countryside, national parks and coastal paths, you’re in the right place.

In this group we pride ourselves on our friendliness too, we care what your name is and you can expect to  leave having met a group of lovely people and with quite likely some lasting friendships

We look after all the logistics on each of our hikes so you can just turn up for a fun day out. The emphasis is on good times and a social group. We are open to anyone regardless of colour, nationality, gender, orientation, and age. Though many of our members are 30- 50 ish, some are younger and some are older. Everyone is welcome here.

You can expect people in this group to care what your name is, and we nearly always stop for a drink or a meal at the end of each day, as that's the natural place to mark the end of the hike, and carry on the conversations you were having on route.

Please don’t be afraid to come to your first meet up on your own! Most people coming to meet ups do come on there own! That is how we roll, we meet up, and hang out with other friendly human beings and we enjoy life and spend time together, you do not actually have to know each other to do this, but many friendships are born this way. Come along and I promise you’ll love it, and after that you'll have met our friendly organisers so you won't be on your own next time!

For frequently asked questions see here (on our other groups message board): For anything else drop us a line :)