What we're about

Welcome Everyone 👋 This group is for remote workers, digital nomads, and Outsiters based-in or traveling through Lisbon.

Every week, we host an event at the Outsite Cowork Cafe in Cais do Sodre. While each month's lineup varies, here's what you can typically expect:

- Nomad Happy Hours
- Live music with local artists
- Interest-based meetups
- Workshops and panels related to traveling & working remotely

If you're interested in hosting an event at the Outsite Cowork Cafe, please get in touch with the organizers.

About Outsite
The Outsite Cowork Cafe is a central workspace in Lisbon with plenty of desks, fast Wifi and coffee on tap. Daily, weekly, monthly and flexi passes are available to purchase at outsitecoworkcafe.com.

Outsite offers beautiful places to stay around the world, designed for remote workers. Outsite has two locations in Lisbon: above the Cowork Cafe in Cais do Sodre and also in Intendente. Discover Outsite in places like Portugal, France, California, and Costa Rica and find out how to become a Member at outsite.co.

Upcoming events (4)

Outsite Ao Vivo with Brazilian Singer-Songwriter Udi Fagundes

Needs a location

In this edition of Outsite Ao Vivo, grab a drink and relax to a unique blend of Brazilian, African, and Latin live music from Udi Fagundes.

Happy Hour runs from 7-9 PM & music starts at 7:30 PM.

About the Musician
Originally from southern Brazil, Udi is a gaucho singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His countless musical influences include bossa nova, samba, morna, milonga, and reggae, among other Brazilian, African and Latin American sounds.

He's toured in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa & South America, and also released 3 albums: Udi and A geral, Cabeça de GPS, UDI released.

You can find him on Spotify and Instagram.

Happy Hour Menu
🍷 4€ wines by the glass
Sparkling, Vinho Verde, White, Rose, Red

🍺 3€ beers
IPA and Lager

Employee to Entrepreneur Panel & Mixer

Needs a location

Are you an employee but an entrepreneur at heart?

Would you like to build a product or service-based business around your talent so you can enjoy the freedom to travel and be fueled by the potential of limitless earnings? Or, have you already started on your entrepreneur journey?

During this IRL panel and mixer, hear from 4 experienced entrepreneurs who’ve made the jump from 9-5 to the laptop lifestyle.

Panel Topics We’ll Cover

  • Starting Out: Inspiration & Making the Leap
  • The Ins & Outs of Running Your Own Business
  • Reflection & Challenges
  • Q&A Time

Before and after the panel there will be dedicated time to meet other entrepreneurs in the Lisbon community, as well as drinks Happy Hour. Special name tags will be created to make the most of your networking.

Event Schedule
7-7:30 PM: Mix & Mingle
7:30-8:15 PM: Panel + Q&A
8:15-9 PM: Mix & Mingle

Meet the Panelists & Moderator

Eloïse Steen📍 Lisbon, Portugal
🇩🇰👩‍💻 Google Ads Consultant
Eloïse is a Google Ads consultant and helps lead generation and eCommerce businesses increase sales with advertising. She started her online business 3 years ago while living abroad in Portugal after leaving her full-time job as Google vendor. She loves outdoor life with sports, tennis and the beach, and to be surrounded by people from all over the world. Eloïse is Danish-Belgian, has lived in 7 countries and speaks five languages. eloisesteen.com | @eloisejas

Elston Baretto 📍 Traveling
🇺🇸👨‍💻 Founder, Tiiny.host
Elston Baretto is the founder of Tiiny.host and is in a similar position to most solo entrepreneurs - working on his side-project alongside a full time job, but has had a career packed with learnings. Elston started out his career at JP Morgan, having reluctantly accepted a graduate job he planned to stay at for 6 months. 4 years later, he was still at the conglomerate bank, but he wasn't satisfied staying there for the rest of his career. While at JP Morgan, Elston launched a few side-projects, some of which still make revenue today, but decided to leave to chase the startup dream. Fast forward a year and the startup dream was over, a company with 14 employees but little traction - sound familiar? Elston went back to work full-time while he figured things out. In January 2020, he launched Tiiny.host, a super simple way to host your work online. Today, more than 100,000 links have been uploaded with Tiiny Host and it's rapidly growing with over 350 customers from all over the world without any funding and marketing budget. tiiny.host | @baretto

Agathe Pommery📍 Lisbon, Portugal
🇫🇷👩‍💻 Entrepreneurs Coach, Inline Coaching
Agathe is a French entrepreneur who co-founded CetteFamille.com, a social startup to help elderly people to find warm alternatives to retirement houses. After launching CetteFamille, she became a UX/UI design teacher in Paris, Lisbon and Amsterdam and settled in Lisbon before starting a new adventure: Oxalá, a swimsuit brand to mix pleasure, family history and fashion. She now coaches entrepreneurs with Inline Coaching to help them find their own definition of success and build their own. inline-coaching.com | LinkedIn

Moderator: Natalie Thomas 📍 Traveling
🇺🇸👩‍💻 Founder, The Now With Nat
Natalie Thomas is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Mindfulness Coach/Consultant, and Wellness Advisor at SaksWorks. She began using mindfulness techniques at a young age as a junior Olympic diver, and now, with her lifelong yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice, teaches others how to ease stress and find stillness in their day-to-day lives. A qualified yoga / meditation teacher & coach, Natalie has received several training certifications from various international institutions around the world and uses these tools & techniques to help others nourish their mind-body connection. Natalie has also led retreats worldwide and launched a podcast called The Now With Nat. Aside from wellness, Natalie has a background in entertainment, having worked for a major film studio in Los Angeles, and is now currently producing movie scripts. thenowwithnat.com | [masked]

Nomad Happy Hour with DJ Set by Paul Mayo

Needs a location

Join us for drinks and make yourself at home with the digital nomad and remote worker community in Lisbon!

French DJ Paul Mayo will be laying down a mix of house, disco, funk & electro throughout the evening. Happy Hour runs from 7-9 PM and includes both wine and beer options. Cocktails and non-alcoholic options will also be available.

Happy Hour Menu
🍷 4€ wines by the glass
Sparkling, Vinho Verde, White, Rose, Red

🍺 3€ beers
IPA and Lager

About the DJ
As the legend goes, scratching was invented by Grand Wizzard Theodore when he accidentally dropped a spoonful of mayonnaise, originally destined for a pickle, on vinyl and tried to wipe it while the record was playing. It moved it back and forth and made this never heard before sound. The crowd loved it and History was made. Today, scratching & DJing have evolved way beyond their creamy origins, but they shan't be forgotten. Paul Mayo pays tribute to this lost art of rubbing mayonnaise against records to make unique emulsions of music genres.

You can find Paul Mayo on Soundcloud and Instagram.

Mindful Morning Meditation

Needs a location

Start your day with a grounding morning meditation in Lisboa.

Join yoga and meditation teacher Myrthe for a 30-minute meditation at the Outsite Cowork Cafe. Through gentle breathing techniques and a grounding meditation, calm your mind, reconnect with your body, and get ready for a productive day of work.

For those looking to start their work day afterwards, grab a coffee and make yourself comfortable at the Cowork Cafe, open 9 AM-6 PM. Day Passes and more options are available for purchase online.

Please Note: We have ~15 seating cushions, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own cushion, mat, or blanket for comfort.

Meet the Meditation Teacher
Myrthe is an ex-corporate consultant who decided to switch her life 180 degrees. After years in the corporate world she found the courage to follow her passion for health and wellbeing and trained to become a certified yoga and breathwork teacher and holistic health coach. She got her certifications following travels through Thailand, the US, Bali and Portugal and offers a holistic spectrum of practices to help you live a healthier and happier lifestyle in every possible way. She is Dutch from origin but has lived in Singapore and Bali for many years and now calls Lisbon home since 2020. She teaches yoga, breathwork and meditation online and across Lisbon and is happy to share her teachings now with you.

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