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East Bay Riichi (EBR) is a competitive riichi mahjong club, and a member of the Pacific Mahjong League (PML). We use modern Japanese riichi rules and have a published rulebook. Whether you are a seasoned player that wants play competitively, or a curious beginner that wants to learn how to play, we welcome you to play with us!

Upcoming events (4+)

Riichi Mahjong on an autotable - PML CRMA Ladder 2022

Needs a location

PM the organizer or Haolun for an address.
This event is held in Hayward. Please be vaccinated to attend.

Both league and causal games are available.

League games adopt M-League rules. We accumulate the top consecutive 60 games. Top 4 players will be invited to CRMA semifinal 2023.

Each game is 60 minutes plus one hand.

Learn to play Riichi Mahjong

Needs a location

We will be teaching riichi mahjong all day. New teaching table every hour if there's people! Otherwise, this is a beginner-friendly day for everyone to play some riichi mahjong on autotables.

CRMA Mini-Tournament League Day

Needs a location

Official rules can be found on the discord at https://discord.gg/XzbpHnG8Ps

The ruleset is M-League, and we will be playing 5 hanchan each. Some people may play 6 so that everyone can play 5, but any games played after the first 5 don't count. Feel free to stick around after for free play.
Notable differences from pml ruleset include 10-30 uma and 20 oka expressed as a 25 start and 30k return (or equivalent to uma of 45/5/-15/-35), kiriage mangan, atamahane, point caps at sanbaiman for kazoe, no resets of any kind, and three red 5s.
Must play a minimum of 15 games to qualify (scored with the top 15 best consecutive games)
There are 6 events, 3 on Saturdays and 3 on Sundays. Top 4 qualify for the event in Los Angeles over President's Day Weekend 2023.

Pricing is $39.99 and it includes any CRMA membership fees related to this event. If you are already currently in the top 4 at the time of the event in the CRMA ladder, your fee will be reduced to $19.96.
Also, CRMA ladder requires a $20 fee directly to the organizers at CRMA (can be paid at PML or to CRMA directly).

East Bay Riichi League Play

Needs a location

League Format
League Games are 60 minutes long. All players will be assigned to tables. Late players, or those waiting for a game, will be rotated in.

Online Scoring
All scores will be recorded online at the end of every game and players will be able to see their updated ranking immediately. As part of the scoring, every hand played will be logged into the system.

This event is for experienced players. If you don't know how to play please attend one of our learn to play meetups.

League Rules

25,000 points starting
Uma 25-10-(-10)-(-25)
60 minutes

Atamehane-nashi Multiple players can win off the same discard. Only the player nearest to the discarder wins bonus points and riichi bets, if any. Double or triple ron okay.
Kuikae-nashi The penalty for discarding an illegal tile is a dead hand.
Renhou-ari Mangan points are awarded for renhou.
Chonbo 10,000 point penalty off your total score after the game has ended (after uma).

Bad ron without revealing hand: Dead hand
Bad ron with revealing hand: Chonbo
Bad pon/chi: no penalty. Revealed tiles count towards 5 total revealed for chonbo penalty.

Incomplete Games
Games are to be finished within 60 minutes. In the event a game is not already finished, the 'last hand' of the game will be the one that is played while there are fewer than 5 minutes remaining. All bets or penalty points on the table will be removed from the game. The final score will be taken.

No elbows on the table. All calls must be audible to be legitimate. So as not to disturb the focus of other players, loud voices and unnecessary chatting should be kept to a minimum. Turns should be 10 seconds long at most, while the average turn should be 5 seconds long or less.

Winning: The player should clearly announce the win, reveal their hand, and declare the total points owed. Players will be expected to know point totals for their hands. In lieu of this, players will be expected to learn point tables and scoring during their off time during league play.

No food in the mahjong room. Drinks must be on the side tables. Unless specifically required or allowed, players should wait for their turn outside of the mahjong room.

Getting to PML via public transit:
Take BART to Downtown Berkeley Bart Station. Then take the AC Transit 6 to Telegraph Ave x Parker St.

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South Bay Riichi Mahjong - PML CRMA Ladder 2022

Needs a location

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