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Welcome & Well Met!

"Pagans & Witches in Greater Boston" is the page of the Cornucopia Collective, which is both a dedicated coven and the extended Boston Pagan community whom we serve.  We offer an open community intended to foster public ritual, support, education and social events for all those who identify as Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Goddess Worshipers, Heathens, Polytheists or other like minded magical folk to gather and experience a welcoming and affirming community in the Greater Boston area.

As a community, we are a group of individuals from various Pagan paths coming together to celebrate, network, and work towards filling some of the greater needs of the Boston magical community.  It is our hope that this group can to be a be a focal point for fostering a greater spirit of community under the Boston Pagan umbrella. We offer a sacred and safe space to gather, meet others, communicate your ideas and join in public ritual and social time.

If you are new to Paganism, you are welcome too! Our community is inviting to all experience levels; when you attend any of our events you will be among people of all different Pagan persuasions and learning levels. Many find their way to our community after years of solitary practice, others begin their magical journey with the matter where you are on your journey the Cornucopia Community is YOUR COMMUNITY! In preparation for your attendance, the Cornucopia offers your this handy guide to attending your first public ritual with us...

In order to maintain a safe and welcoming community we do have one rule: Be Respectful! Both towards each other and the sacredness of the space we share.  Please be advised that all those who do participate in our open events and extended community are agreeing to adhere to our Anti-Harassment Policy (please read the full policy here:; actions, behaviors and intention contradictory to that policy will be strictly prohibited and we reserve the right to turn away anyone who is not adhering to the standards of this policy.

We do have opportunities for those wishing to learn, grow and develop fully as Pagan clergy within the dedicated coven; exploring our community events and attended our Wicca 101 class series is the first step in the process toward moving from community involvement to coven dedication, if this is your desire please feel free to contact the group organizers online or in person to discuss these opportunities further. Learn more about the Cornucopia Coven and it's mission, values and vision here:

Welcome & Bountiful Blessings Always!

The Cornucopia Collective

Learn more about the Cornucopia Collective at: