Bryan Fink on "A Brief History of NTP Time: Memoirs of an Internet Timekeeper"

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Gareth Morgan ( on Physically-Based Shading at Disney ( )

In recent years the adoption of physically based shading has been responsible for big advancements in the quality of 3D graphics (both real time and production graphics). This paper is an overview of how Disney Animation Studios pioneered physically based shading. It is a great overview of the field of PBS and BRDF theory generally.

Gareth's Bio

Gareth Morgan has been involved in games and 3D graphics since 1999, starting at Silicon Graphics followed by several games companies including Activision and BAM Studios. For many years he researched sophisticated rendering techniques using Imagination Technologies' ray tracing GPUs. Currently he is CEO of Axum Graphics, developing 3D content creation tools for VR filmmakers.

Main Talk

Bryan Fink ( on "A Brief History of NTP Time: Memoirs of an Internet Timekeeper" ( )

We have heard impassioned calls for use of logical time and data structures designed to automatically resolve divergent histories, because we can't depend on host clocks being in sync. In this presentation, we'll explore the premise of that argument by digging into everyone's favorite source of synchronization, NTP. Our map will be NTP creator David Mills' 2003 history. Detailed insets may include the NTP RFCs[1], Marzullo's algorithm[2], surveys of NTP's effectiveness[3], and developments since 2003, as time permits.




Bryan's Bio

Bryan has been building distributed storage and processing systems for the last ten years at companies such as EventMonitor, Basho, Apple, and currently VMware. He prefers the east coast to the west, dark beer to pale, two wheels to four, and emacs to vi.

Meeting mechanics

Doors open at 6:30 pm; the presentation will begin at 7:00 pm; and, yes, there will be food.

After the paper is presented, we will open up the floor for discussion and questions then we will head over to the bar!


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