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Kevin Burke on "Curve25519 and fast public key cryptography"

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Tyler McMullen on Delta CRDTs

Tyler will do his best to summarize and get you hooked on the three papers listed below:

Tyler's Bio

Tyler McMullen is CTO at Fastly, where he’s responsible for the system architecture and leads the company’s technology vision. As part of the founding team, Tyler built the first versions of Fastly’s Instant Purging system, API, and Real-time Analytics. Before Fastly, Tyler worked on text analysis and recommendations at Scribd. A self-described technology curmudgeon, he has experience in everything from web design to kernel development, and loathes all of it. Especially distributed systems.

Main Talk

Kevin Burke on "Curve25519 and fast public key cryptography" ( )

Kevin's Bio

Kevin Burke ( ( ) likes building great experiences. He helped scale Twilio and Shyp, and currently runs a software consultancy. Kevin once accidentally left Waiting for Godot at the intermission.