Scott Andreas on Overlapping Experiment Infrastructure

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Papers we love too
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André Arko on Robin Hood Hashing

André Arko ( leads the Bundler ( and RubyGems ( teams, co-authored The Ruby Way (, and blogs at He works at Cloud City as a software development consultant, and founded Ruby Together (, a non-profit that pays for work on Ruby open source

Main Talk

Scott Andreas on Overlapping Experiment Infrastructure: More, Better, Faster Experimentation. By Diane Tang, Ashish Agarwal, Deirdre O’Brien, Mike Meyer (KDD, 2010)

This paper covers advanced topics in infrastructure supporting online experiments, and the social processes that help make them successful within an organization.

Scott's Bio

Scott Andreas ( is an engineer working in distributed systems and analytics. He focuses on designing large storage systems and compute infrastructure for batch and streaming analysis. Experimentation matters to him, as he sees quantifying improvement through privacy-preserving analytics as one of the most important paths to building better products.