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Hello and welcome to “Another Day in Paradise” :)

Both singles and couples will find that Another Day in Paradise is all about meeting and making great new friends in our little patch of paradise in Naples and Marco Island. The Organizers of Another Day in Paradise will be scheduling social, cultural, athletic and nature-related events and activities in Naples and on Marco Island. Social and cultural events will include meeting for lunches or dinners (from finer dinning to hole-in-the-wall dives), dancing to live music, pub crawls, pool parties, art shows and concerts. Athletic and nature events will include bike rides, inline skating, volleyball, pickleball, boating, fishing trips, exploring the Everglades and catching beautiful sunsets together. We'll try to use our group's large attendance to obtain discounts, specials or extended happy hour pricing when dinning out or meeting for drinks. Any other great ideas our members can dream up can be added to our calendar of events as well.

Sound interesting? If so, just sign up and join Another Day in Paradise today, it's free!!! The only Paradise membership requirements are: 1) That you post and keep a primary photo with a clearly recognizable "close up" facial photo (without sunglasses) so that when we print out RVSP lists or use the smart phone app for Meetup, which contain the primary photos of members, we can recognize and greet you at Events. Secondly, a clear facial photo allows us and other members to learn and remember your name (a lot of people miss this at first so please post a current close up photo) 2) Be friendly and polite to our members. Please remember we are a Social Group Not A Dating Site. 3) Be ready to have "tons-o-fun". In this day and age of the Internet, for personal security reasons we highly suggest that you use only your first name and the initial of your last name when creating your Meetup profile. If you’d like to volunteer to be an Paradise Organizer and schedule events yourself, just let a current Paradise Organizer know that you are interested in helping out. Please keep in mind that Another Day in Paradise is a fun social group and is not for business development purposes.

Thanks for stopping by our web site and we hope to meet you soon at a Paradise Event....


Curt and Bob H.

Upcoming events (4+)

Let's Get Taco'ed Out on Taco Tuesday at Mr. Tequila's on East Trail!!! :)

Hey Everyone

Let's meet at the Mr. Tequila on East Trail at 5:30pm to get in on the tail end of Happy Hour that ends at 6:00pm. Then we can get some pretty darn good $3 tacos.

I have this event posted with 2 other Meetup groups, so if you are attending pleeeeease only sign up with one group to make figuring out the head count a little easier.

Bob H.

FLEISCHMAN*INTERMEDIATE Sand Volleyball 10 People Limit

Needs a location

Hey Everyone,

This is an INTERMEDIATE group, and not for beginners.

When possible, we try for "three hits" aka "bump, set, hit". This makes it fun and safer for everyone.

The attendance for this event is limited to 10 people.

Please being $5 for court rental. Text or message Jamie with any questions.

Thanks for your help!

Michael H and Jamie H

Pickleball Class and Games for Beginners and Intermediate Players.... :)

Hey Everyone -

Please Note: The Pickleball concession charges a $50/year Membership fee or a $5 Drop-In Charge to play daily from 7-10AM and like 5-8PM. ALL MEMBERSHIPS FROM LAST YEAR MUST BE RENEWED FOR 2022 AS OF 01/01/2022. You can pay at the Pro-shop or get hit up by a person coming over to the courts to collect your money. Annual Memberships are paid for in the Pro-shop. I have not tried it, but on the west side of the restrooms, there is a vending machine that takes credit cards and rents paddles for $1/Hr if you need one.

With the great turnout we had last week, let's plan on mixing up the games by changing teams on the quarter hour and/or let's organize the attendees by New Beginners, Advance Beginners and Intermediate player so the games are more fun by playing at your skill level.....

If you need or want to be in the intro class, please be on time so you do not miss the introduction to Pickle rules. Look for me, Bob H, I'll be wearing blue shoes which should make it easier to find me. We'll meet at the courts west of the racquetball courts (court #'s 51 to 59)

Please use the Meetup phone app for Pickleball updates and which court # we are at.

The Pickleball Pro Shop and Park Office will be open till 8pm so you will be able to rent a paddle. I'm not sure but I think the ProShop may allow you to keep the paddle overnight, so please ask if that is possible. If you need a paddle or have one to loan out please post a comment.

Please watch the rules video below a couple of times if you have not played Pickleball before or are still unsure of the rules (See the links below).

Here are the basics for our Beginners Pickleball Class.

6:30 PM - 6:45 PM Rules of the Game. This will help all new players understand the basics of the Pickleball, including: rules, strategy, and scoring. If you have never played before, this would be a great introduction to the game. Please post if you are new to Pickleball and want this review. Bob H usually gives the review, so look for the Dude with blue sneakers.

6:45 PM - 8:00 PM or later we'll play easy non-competitive games after warming up with the basic strokes of the game.

6:30 PM For Intermediate players will play pick up games at their level. Since we ALL were Pickleball Newbies at some point in time, we ask that our more experienced will play a game or 2 with the beginners to help them get up to speed... :)

For the people new to the Game, here's a fairly decent Youtube Video below that explains the "Kitchen" or Non-Volley Zone . There are also many other videos that explain the basics that will make more sense after you've been on the court a couple of times. If you happen to watch championship Pickleball games, which is good to do, understand that is the same difference as a "flag-football game with friends" and the NFL.... :)



Game Play:


We want to encourage newer players by helping them to develop their skills, while keeping the games fun and interesting enough for those with more advanced skills.

Some important reminders:

Warm up before playing as this will help to avoid painful injuries.

Bring lots of cold water....Drink plenty of water before, during, and after play....

Sunglasses, hat sunscreen....

Bring insect repellent just in case....

Hope to see you there....

Bob H.

Post-Pickleball-Party at the Foxboro!!! :)

Needs a location

Hey Everyone

Let's meetup after Pickleball so some cold "re-hydration" and "carb-loading".... :)

Sooo, here's the plan we’ll meet at the Foxboro Tavern sometime 8-ish? The Fox is less than a mile from the courts in the same location as the Publix.

WARNING: the full menu/kitchen closes at 8:30pm so get your food order in before then. After 8:30pm they are limited to wings food-wise.

Non-Pickleball Player are welcome….You just need to ask for permission to sit with the "cool-kids"… :)

Hope to see you there.

Bob H.

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Post-Pickleball-Party at the Foxboro!!! :)

Needs a location

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