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If you have been drawn to this Passion Quest Meetup Group, you too are someone who desires to create a life filled with love, joy, abundance, supportive relationships, and a career or lifestyle where you can discover your gifts, and express yourself in a passionate way. You can feel that a New Universe is being created, and want to be a part of the shift that is happening. This Meetup Group will provide you with opportunities to work collectively with other like-minded individuals who are all feeling the urge to clear away old stories, leaving room for new heightened understanding, awareness, and transformation of consciousness. Stay tuned for upcoming events being provided by Passion Quest.
For over 40 years, I have been trained and certified in the use of both contemporary Quantum tools, as well as ancestral non-traditional techniques for transformation and healing. Whether working individually or with small groups of clients, my passion is to assist you in removing all levels of barriers and blinders to your own greater abundance, peace, and joy, thereby allowing you to unlock the doors to your own abilities, intuition, and gifts.

As a teacher, I  believe in empowering others with the tools I have learned. As a healer and intuitive, I  have awakened my ability to access other levels of reality, to receive assistance from Ascended Guides, and to interpret visions. It is my desire and purpose during this time of great awakening, to guide others in doing the same.
Passion Quest is the result of my heart's desire to live every day in sync with the life my intuition tells me is available to each of us and to assist others in doing the same. Everything is possible when we are in accord with the yearnings of our Higher Self and accessing the vastness of our Superconsciousness.

“If we are truly to awaken that which we have come to accomplish in this lifetime, we must be willing to peel back the layers of obstruction to our sight, and remember who we truly are, our gifts, our purpose, and our unique connection to a greater Quantum existence" –
Love and light,
Robin DeMario

Certified Transformational Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP and Shamanic Counselor, Stargate and Evolution One Facilitator, Practiced Intuitive and Workshop Leader

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