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Welcome Spiritual Adventurers!

Have you had a spiritual experience?

Spiritual experiences can include:

* Prophetic dreams
* Deja vu
* Remembering a past life
* Out-of-body experience
* Flying in a dream
* Knowing the truth instantly
* Guiding intuitions


We meet to share and discuss spiritual experiences and topics in an open, friendly and respectful environment. Talking with others can help us understand what our experiences mean. We also discuss spiritual techniques and resources for gaining greater experience and insight.

Individuals and families of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome.

Eckankar is an ancient teaching that helps people make spiritual experiences an everyday reality in their lives.

To find out more about Eckankar events in California visit:

www.ECK-CA.org (http://www.eck-ca.org/)

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www.Eckankar.org (http://www.eckankar.org/)

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NOON CHAT on DREAMS! DREAM Your Way Home to God!

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**NOON CHAT on DREAMS!** DREAM Your Way Home to God! Are our dreams the forgotten road to heaven? A lost doorway between heaven and earth? Could dreams really help us find our way to God? "Dreams are the starting point for many who wish to begin the Spiritual Journey to God and do it in the easiest way possible." Harold Klemp, "The Art of Spiritual Dreaming," p 8 Join in this interactive discussion and discover how dreams can show us how to have more love and wisdom in our lives, and show us the way home to God. Experience a Spiritual Exercise, an ancient mantra, that can put your heart in the middle of God's sweet love. To RSVP and Join a Zoom Meeting: By computer — RSVP by clicking the "Attend Online" button — At the time of the meeting, click on the Online event link on the right By tablet or smartphone (with full video and audio access) —First Install free app Zoom Cloud Meetings on your device —RSVP by clicking the "Attend Online" button —At the time of the meeting, click on the Online event link By phone (audio only): — RSVP by clicking the "Attend Online" button. — Dial [masked], with meeting ID and password from message after registering —If you have not received the ID and password, or have any other questions, message the organizer If you're new to using Zoom, or attending via audio only, please arrive early to get comfortable with the video conference setting. *********************************************** Participation Guide: —Remember that your comments are public. ECKANKAR is not responsible for any use that may be made of personal information you share. —Please do not share anything that may be viewed as inappropriate, offensive, or defamatory. —This discussion does not necessarily reflect the views, beliefs, or ideals of ECKANKAR. —To any international guests: This event is not intended for anyone who is barred by the laws of their country from attending. Please follow the laws of your home country. —This discussion is sponsored by the California Satsang Society, a Chartered Affiliate of ECKANKAR.

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