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What we’re about

This group is for LGBTQIA+ individuals and friends who are looking for moderate to hard hikes in the Baltimore area. Primarily starting with Patapsco, but we can branch out as time goes on. Hikes will be 4-9 miles and we will try to plan a couple each week. The pace will be about 3 mph. If weather looks bad for the hike, we will either postpone or cancel the event. Depending on the hike, there may also be opportunities to get together for drinks after the outing.


If you are running late, please contact me so we know to wait for you. The group will only wait 10 minutes before we start the hike.


If you would like to suggest hikes, please let us know. All are welcome to join the group. We will limit the number of people on each hike due to parking and managing a large group on the trails. Hopefully, we end up with waitlists!