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What we’re about

Welcome to the No.1 China tech & biz meetup group since 2015!
We connect creative minds from different background to discuss topics including and beyond business, technology, culture & life all around China!

If you are one of the following:
• Startup founder who are interested in tapping a 1.5bn user market
• Entrepreneur who plan to scale-up business in the powerhouse of Asia
• China-focused business professionals
• Or anyone who is just interested in learning more about the Middle Kingdom!

And you are looking for...
• Learning more about the opportunity in the largest single market in the world
• Reach out for customers and / or suppliers from China for your product
• Pitch investor and strategic partner for your new venture
• Connect with China experts & fans in Germany
• ... or just networking in the heart of Europe's "Startup Mecca"?

Then this group is just right for you!

About the Organizer 
The task "Entering China" is a tough one, that’s for sure. And as if building a startup wouldn’t be already hard enough, the Chinese market holds some huge surprises and challenges in store, especially for western companies. This is why we founded this group in Berlin back in 2015. We are now the No.1 meetup group for business and technology topics related to China in Europe.

What you can expect?
Our events provide you with the chance to pitch your ideas and products, or to learn from market experts and fellow entrepreneurs. Sometimes there will be a special prize to win. Sometimes there will be investors scouting their next unicorns. Or, we just threw in a traditional Chinese tea party and talk some mandarin. One thing remains the same, though: you will always be meeting with new people and business ideas around China. Keep an eye out for our latest event update and reach out!

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