What we're about

Welcome to the Payara Meetup group.

We will be organising meetups to discuss:

• The Payara Platform (https://www.payara.fish/)

• Jakarta EE (https://www.payara.fish/solutions/jakarta-ee-and-the-payara-platform/)

• MicroProfile (https://www.payara.fish/solutions/eclipse-microprofile-and-the-payara-platform/)

• Microservices (https://www.payara.fish/solutions/eclipse-microprofile-and-the-payara-platform/#microservices)

• Cloud Computing (https://www.payara.fish/solutions/cloud-and-payara-platform/)

• GlassFish (https://www.payara.fish/solutions/migration-guide/glassfish-to-payara-server-migration/)

• Java Developer Community (https://www.payara.fish/about/community/)

• IoT (https://www.payara.fish/solutions/iot-and-the-payara-platform/)

• Open Source (https://www.payara.fish/products/payara-platform-community/)

• DevOps (https://www.payara.fish/solutions/devops-and-the-payara-platform/)

We are proud to nurture and grow an open, vibrant, collaborative community that builds on the needs of all to advance our software and services while providing support, stability and security.

Payara’s Mission is to grow a sustainable business that imagines and creates innovative, trusted, open-source software and services that are widely used, deliver value and are loved by our users.

We are proud to be Project Management Committee and Solutions Members of the Eclipse Foundation, and Strategic Members of the Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile working groups.

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Upcoming events (1)

Payara Platform Roadmap Update - January

Online event

In this webinar, Payara CEO Steve Millidge will discuss the current Roadmap for Payara Platform. Steve will also be answering questions submitted via the webinar registration form, as well as any questions submitted live during the event. This is a perfect time to have any queries you might have answered on the state of the Payara Platform and our future plans!

Please register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QotenDXRSF2keis3araxxQ


-Short recap 2021
-Jakarta EE 10 / Payara 6 plans
-MicroProfile roadmap
-Jakarta Core Profile
-Payara Intelligent platform
-Dev Mode with Payara Tools
-Payara Cloud

As always, we are looking for feedback, so please do get involved! We are opening up our Roadmap to community involvement (see GitHub) to build a better product. We are hoping that opening up our roadmaps helps us to build the Payara Platform in a way that ensures it meets the current and future needs of the community.

Please register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_QotenDXRSF2keis3araxxQ

Past events (27)

Payara Platform Roadmap Update - November

Online event

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