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What we’re about

In the age of exponential growth, humanity is facing various challenges such as climate change, rapid loss of bio diversity, widening gap between rich and poor and the penetration of ai, automation and robotics into our daily life. 

PDIE - Purpose Driven Innovation ecosystem builds a global ecosystem of change makers, innovators from startups, corporates, academia and governments in order to work on problem solving innovation rather than promoting merely profit driven scenarios. 

Our vision:

Co-creating a Better Tomorrow.

By finding the best sustainable innovations and making them available to humanity at scale. 

We want to set up an Open Innovation platform involving corporate transformation on the one hand and the incubation of revolutionary ideas and innovations on the other hand. 

The SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals serve as a compass for all our activities. And we believe that the human being is in the center of all our considerations for a better tomorrow. 

Please check the homepage (in the making):

We hope to develop this group with all of you towards meaningful and purpose driven innovation.