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What we’re about

12/2023 UPDATE:
Jack is back and we are looking at a new season of fun and memorable adventures. If you have any ideas for paddles or know someone with a passenger van - please let Jack know.

This group is for creating events for people who like to get on the water and would like to do it with others.
If you are just considering getting an inflatable - this group might serve you well too. We might lend you a kayak/spot in one for an outing and share our experience. Folding kayaks/SUPs are welcomed as well. We won't discriminate against hardshells either.

• All events will now be tiered: \

Tier0 - for complete novice paddlers, who just want to learn how to set up their equipment and try to hit the water. All are welcome \

Tier1 - easy paddles couple of hours in length open to anyone \

Tier2 - more involved, longer or technical paddles where organizers will be much more selective of participants. \

Tier3 - overnight events. All the participants will be selected from the wait-list by the organizer(s)
To get accepted into Tier2&3 events we expect you to attend Tier0-1 events and establish yourself as a dependable, active and fun participant who shares our values. Wait-lists for those events are not lines, organizers will be selecting people from wailists based on their judgement of participants being the right fit for event. We strive to not be sexists, racist etc, and acknowledge that our biases will be affecting our decisions, while working to minimize that impact. \

Having a profile picture that shows your face would help build trust and get into Tier1 events.

Important note: this is not the right group if your primary focus is seeking romantic relationships. There are better places for that.
It sure is possible to meet people here, but please don't use it for prawling. Read the vibe, both verbal and non-verbal communication, respect people's boundaries. Don't even consider writing probing messages to members you haven't met in real life or haven't even had a conversation with them. You'll be banned and reported to Meetup for any predatory behaviors. Safe environment for our members is a very high priority. If you encounter any questionable behavior - please report to organizers.

Check out this video for guidance on buying a kayak:

Our vision is to have peaceful 1-3 hr outings, larger trips, and kayak camping. This group is not for competitive paddling, our goal is to have nice time on the water together, bond and share our passion for inflatables.

This group's name is intentionally silly. Results have been surprising.
We don't discriminate against any watercraft. Hoping that one day someone brings a bathtub to one of our paddles. Yet if you are paddling an inflatable/folding kayak you might fit the best into this group by speed and and the amount of fun to be had. There are plenty of groups for hard-shell kayaks. This one was the response for the niche to serve inflatable kayak enthusiasts, but don't worry if you want to join us with any other craft. Ideally reach out to event organizer first though.
Your safety is your responsibility. We are making our best effort to ensure we aren't putting people in harm's way, however you should assess your skills and comfort level and not participate in activities that entail unreasonable risks for you. \

We are not affiliated with any commercial enterprises, so any gear judgments are our personal ones.
Welcome aboard!