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Life is what happens in between our plans. I think in every older person there is a younger person wondering how did this happen? One day I woke up and I was no longer "50-something". Funny how when you're in your 40's, "middle age" becomes "60-something". Well bring it on! I am ready to redefine "middle-age", dreams, intentions, and create fun and adventure during the rest of my time In this reality.

Where we are is where we are, and that's OK! The goal now is to have fun and find joy in all we do.

This group is, first and foremost, only for single people. I hope it appeals to people who are, like myself, positive, self-sufficient, responsible, happy and excited about life.

Since members will be in the same age group, "baby boomers" (born between 1945 and 1965), there will be shared commonalities upon which to build a friendship. Of course the date range is not set in stone, it just helps to describe a generation.

Activities will include casual get-togethers, bowling, pool, dinners, brunches, movies, theater, plays, cards, game nights, and more. The good news is, our creativity is the only limiting factor in deciding what we want to do and I am always open for suggestions or assistance in events!

I hope this group will provide opportunities for all members to form new friendships and have FUN.

Life is supposed to be fun!


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