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What we’re about

Life is what happens in between our plans. I think all of us at this stage have wondered, how did this happen?

Then Covid hits us and throws the world into a tailspin! What a ride that was- none of us coming out of it without having being changed. Not all of it negative.

The good news is that now, post-Covid, and for me, post 3 years of full-time caregiving, I am more than ready to play and have FUN!

This group is for single boomers (those born between 1946 - 1964) who want to meet other single boomers for fun adventures, new friendships, and maybe even find romance. Since members will be in the same age group there will be shared commonalities upon which to build friendships.

Activities will include meet & mingle events, bowling, pool, movies, theater, plays, game nights, "dating" events, and more. Our creativity is the only limiting factor in deciding what we want to do and I am always open for suggestions!

The goal is to have fun and find joy in everything we do and everyone we meet.

Life is meant to be FUN and FUN is meant to be shared!