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PDX Breakfast Club FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
updated 09/03/2018

What is this Meetup's purpose?
To seek out new places to eat breakfast and new people to meet.

Who should join?
Anyone who likes breakfast and meeting new people!

Is there any charge? Who pays for breakfast?
The only charge is what you order. Everyone pays their own bill. Some places will do split tabs for us but sometimes not. The best bet is to bring cash.

Who decides when/where the Meetups are held?
The group has (at present) one Organizer and four Assistant Organizers. Any of them can schedule Meetups. Suggestions are always welcome, you can send a message through Meetup or post on the Discussion board. Some of us like to go on weekdays, some on weekends.

Why don't you go to X restaurant?
We probably just don't know about it. Or it might be that it's not a good fit for our group. If a place is small, bringing 10 or more people there on a busy day is probably not going to be a good experience for anyone involved.

How do you know?
I have worked in both the front and back of the house (ie been a server and a cook). Trust me on this. I have also been splitting the checks on these groups for a long time and the more in the party the messier that gets, too!

Why do you limit the RSVPs to X number?
See the previous answer. There are places that can't seat 6 without a hassle. We try to match the number who can attend to the venue.

How can I become an Assistant Organizer?
Email the Organizer, Lisa. You need to have been a participating member or have someone vouch for you to be considered.

You didn't list MY question!
Please contact the Organizer, Lisa. There is a little Contact envelope icon right below our list of Organizers on the menu bar to the left.