What we're about

Meet nearby board game players! Come to one of our events to discover new games or play old favorites with new friends. We mainly play euro games but also enjoy card games, party games and classic board games.

Upcoming events (4+)

Dice & Drinks @ The Portland Game Store

Needs a location

Note: I am not the actual host of this event as I no longer live in Portland, but there is usually two or more tables of folks that don't RSVP but regularly attend and the actual host (Ben) will be happy to bring you into a game.

Dice & Drinks is back and better than ever! We meet up every Saturday at The Portland Game Store, 7pm until midnight. I'm excited to announce all the cool new stuff we're doing to celebrate:

And of course everything you've come to love about this meetup is still the same. The area still has great restaurants, there's still free parking, and the store is easily accessible via public transit and close to I-5.

As always, no knowledge of games is necessary to join the fun. We're happy to teach and play games of any complexity, from simple party games to hardcore strategy games. We'll greet you at the door and make sure you find the game and group that's best for you.

We hope you'll join us!

Epic Roleplaying Day

Ken's Artisan Bakery

We are now playing a D&D and other games,
and we play on Saturdays and Sundays,
but we also play other systems like Call of Cthulhu, Super Heroes, Modern Magic Mystery, Cyber Tech Noir, Star Quest and other home brews.

We play at my place at NW 21st & Flanders, contact me for exact address.
Or for any questions my email is [masked]

We have several players, but we could always fit one more. :)

For home-brew games we often use a simple house system, inspired by many other game including Mörk Borg, Cyber Punk, Disco Elysium, and Unknown Armies, and others.

Contact me for more details and Location.


We encourage people who have little to no experience with RPGs to give this a try. Veterans role-players are also very appreciated. :)

We try to keep the sessions episodic so you can jump in any time, or miss sessions -- and it's no big deal.

We are generally rules light, fun focused, letting your creativity shine from the dorky to the dramatic. All experience levels accommodated, and personal uniqueness is encouraged.

Other games we play run the gamut from Fantasy to Pulp, Super, Cyber, Space, and the occasional Cthulian Horror.

From Tolkien to Terminator, and Harry Potter to Heavy Metal.

Move mountains, shake worlds, enjoy a snack, and make friends as we share in Epic Sagas.

East Side Game Night

Bridge City Tap Room

Board gaming is back! Join us for light and medium euros and an occasional card game on the east side. Please RSVP and note in the comments which games you’re bringing (if any) if you plan on attending. New players welcome.

Note the new venue starting February 8th, they are open until 11PM and there is a standing weekly reservation in the back area for us. (Up to 40 people) Cheers!

Mox Middleweight Boardgames

Mox Boarding House

Please join us any time through the evening. It's ok if you arrive a little late.

Come learn and new game and meet new people, each Thursday evening.

Board games a plenty, feel free to brings some -- usually a couple of us do, and the Mox has a modest library.

We play mostly lighter and middle weight games -- from Sushi Go to Dune Imperium. But I have seen everything from Mantis to Viticulture.

The Mox can be reached via Bus and Max, but if you drive paid parking is available in the building, and Mox will validate for 1.5 hours (or take $4 off the parking charge for a longer time)

Past events (4,170)

Super Mox Board Games

Mox Boarding House