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Meet nearby board game players! Come to one of our events to discover new games or play old favorites with new friends. We mainly play euro games but also enjoy card games, party games and classic board games.

Upcoming events (4+)

Portland Vegan Board Gamers

The Sweet Hereafter

Like-minded vegan board gamers come together to play vegan-friendly board games. (We also enjoy just chatting, and recommending vegan restaurants to each other.)

Any games that include exploitation or other harm of animals are NOT welcome.

Please keep your RSVP (going / not going) up to date!

Check RSVPs / event description / etc. a few hours before attending: sometimes people drop off and it's not worth attending if too few show up.

Please bring a game if you can!

We tend to play light and party games, but some of us enjoy medium games too. Just be aware the tables at Sweet Hereafter aren't the best, so watch out for dropped pieces.

East Side Game Night

Von Ebert Brewing

Von Ebert Gaming is back! Join us for light and medium euros and an occasional card game on the east side. Please RSVP and note in the comments which games you’re bringing (if any) if you plan on attending. New players welcome. Cheers!

Mox Middleweight Boardgames

Mox Boarding House

Please join us any time through the evening. It's ok if you arrive a little late.

Come learn and new game and meet new people, each Thursday evening.

Board games a plenty, feel free to brings some -- usually a couple of us do, and the Mox has a modest library.

We play mostly lighter and middle weight games -- from Sushi Go to Dune Imperium. But I have see everything from Mantis to Viticulture.

The Mox can be reached via Bus and Max, but if you drive parking can be a little random. But I think the Mox will validate for a couple hours.

SE PDX Game Night at Lucky Lab

Lucky Labrador Brewing Co.

UPDATE: VACCINATIONS are REQUIRED at this event. I can't speak for the bar, but if you want to play games with us you must be vaccinated. Thank you for considering the safety of your fellow human beings!

It's time for Thursday night games at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub. We tend to start coagulating about 5:30 but often don't get started till six when a critical mass starts to form. Although people trickle in throughout the evening looking for open space at any new games starting up. Many people stay until the pub closes.

This has been an on-going event for many, many years and is only loosely affiliated with this site and thus **most people do not sign up on this site, but lots of people come every Thursday night. **

Anyone new who comes please feel free to approach people already playing or looking to begin a game. They'll be happy to tell you a little about what they're doing and how much longer their game will last.

We play many board games and card games at these events. We tend to play games on the difficult/complex side of things at this meetup though at any time you might find a light Euro has found space at a table. You just never know.

The Lucky Lab serves a wide variety of beers, sandwiches and snacks with many vegetarian options.

Hope to see you there! And you can bring as many guests as you want! :)

Past events (4,115)

Dice & Drinks @ The Portland Game Store

Needs a location