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Meet nearby board game players! Come to one of our events to discover new games or play old favorites with new friends. We mainly play euro games but also enjoy card games, party games and classic board games.

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Epic Roleplaying at the Mox

Mox Boarding House

Come Join Us!

This might be a continuation of Super Heroes, or we might do a one-shot of Star Pirate Plunder or Power-Mad Fantasy, or maybe someday Post-Modern Supernatural.

> Let us know in the comments your preference.

I encourage people who have little to no experience with RPGs to give this a try. Veterans role-players are also very appreciated. :)

The Mox can be reached via Bus and Max, but you drive -- the Fred Meyer parking lot is always an option, and only a block away.

This will be a session that you can jump into any time.

If you jive with our core group, we can get in touch and stay connected for you to join our various campaigns after that.

- - - - -

Contact me anytime to join our Role-Playing Group.
Either through Meetup Message or email me at [masked]

We are very rules light, fun focused, letting your creativity shine from the dorky to the dramatic. All experience levels and personal uniqueness encouraged.

Our games run the gambit from Fantasy to Pirate to Pulp, Super, Cyber, Space, and the occasional Cthulian Horror.

From Tolkien to Terminator, and Harry Potter to Heavy Metal.

Move mountains, shake worlds, enjoy a cup of tea, and make friends as we share in Epic Sagas.

Euros at Guardian!

Guardian Games

To all of the regulars, and the awesome fresh faces that come every other week, I am so sad to have to say that we have decided to put game day on hold for a while because of the risks posed by the Coronavirus.

According to the guidance issued by the Oregon Health Authority and Governor Kate Brown, all events with more than 10 people that include people in "high-risk populations" should be cancelled or postponed.


As this high-risk group includes "older adults and those with underlying health conditions" we (Guardian management and the meetup organizers) feel that it is important to do our part to encourage social distancing and help keep gamers in these high-risk categories safe.

Of course, this is disappointing to all of us. And we are eagerly looking forward to a return to our normal schedule as soon as this guidance changes. Thank you all, and hope to see you soon! IF you have questions, send me a message through meetup. Thanks everyone!


**The 20% off deal is not available until we resume regular meetups after the threat of Covid-19 has passed....

20% Off SELECTED Board Games to all Attendees! (ie. The store will discount most board games 20% for game day attendees, but a handful of games cannot be discounted! Please don't give the employees grief if the special-mega-kickstarter-exclusive-miniatures-uber-thing you want can't be discounted! Roll with it. And let's play some games!)

Once again, Rachel will be hosting afternoon of boardgames at Guardian Games from 12:00 until about 7pm. This is a great event with a lot of regulars, and we always welcome new faces... We play all day, and we have enough people for several different groups, so if you can't show up at 12:00, you can always jump into the next game! I tend to bring an assortment of medium and medium-heavy weight euros, but am a huge fan of most types of games, so feel free to bring a game if you know it well enough to teach it. See you there!

**PARKING UPDATE: Hey there Meetup Gamers! Guardian has asked us if those of us coming for Sunday game day (and staying most of the day) can park on the street to save the spots in their lot for people who are just coming in for a brief visit. Thanks for helping out the store!

Portland Vegan Boardgamers

The Sweet Hereafter

Hello! The purpose of this group is to have like minded vegan board gamers come together to play vegan-friendly board games.

Any games featuring the exploitation of animals are not welcome
(no Catan, a Feast for Odin, or Dinosaur Island for example).

We will meet up to play board games twice a month!
You may bring a guest who is not vegan, we just simply ask that you do not order any non-vegan foods. Please bring your favorite game!

Mox Middleweight Boardgames

Mox Boarding House

Please join us any time through the evening. It's ok if you arrive a little late.

Each Wednesday evening, we will get together to play Josh's board games (see those at https://imjoshellis.com/bgg) and whatever you bring.

Mostly lighter and middle weight games -- but even something like Dune Imperium and Kemet would be considered "middle weight". And so would Imperial Settlers, Heroes of Land, Air & Sea, Pan Am, and The Magnificent.

The Mox can be reached via Bus and Max, but you drive -- the Fred Meyer parking lot is always an option, and only a block away.

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NW PDX/Beaverton Board Game Party Night

Alanna's House

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