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Meet nearby board game players! Come to one of our events to discover new games or play old favorites with new friends. We mainly play euro games but also enjoy card games, party games and classic board games.

Upcoming events (4+)

SE PDX Game Night at Lucky Lab

Lucky Labrador Brewing Co.

UPDATE: VACCINATIONS are REQUIRED at this event. I can't speak for the bar, but if you want to play games with us you must be vaccinated. Thank you for considering the safety of your fellow human beings!

It's time for Thursday night games at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub. We tend to start coagulating about 5:30 but often don't get started till six when a critical mass starts to form. Although people trickle in throughout the evening looking for open space at any new games starting up. Many people stay until the pub closes.

This has been an on-going event for many, many years and is only loosely affiliated with this site and thus **most people do not sign up on this site, but lots of people come every Thursday night. **

Anyone new who comes please feel free to approach people already playing or looking to begin a game. They'll be happy to tell you a little about what they're doing and how much longer their game will last.

We play many board games and card games at these events. We tend to play games on the difficult/complex side of things at this meetup though at any time you might find a light Euro has found space at a table. You just never know.

The Lucky Lab serves a wide variety of beers, sandwiches and snacks with many vegetarian options.

Hope to see you there! And you can bring as many guests as you want! :)

Mox Middleweight Boardgames

Mox Boarding House

Changing this to compete less with Magic Wednesdays.

Please join us any time through the evening. It's ok if you arrive a little late.

Come learn and new game and meet new people, each Thursday evening.

We play mostly lighter and middle weight games -- from Sushi Go to Dune Imperium. But I have see everything from Castell to Viticulture.

The Mox can be reached via Bus and Max, but if you drive -- the Fred Meyer parking lot is always an option, and only a block away.

Mox Board Games

Mox Boarding House

!! This event is running, the Mox is seating. Join us every two weeks !!

Join us Downtown for an afternoon of board games.
Casual, fun atmosphere -- try new games, and make new friends.

Officially it starts at noon, but you can play all day if you want.

If you have board games that you love to play -- please bring them.
If you are new to board games -- just bring your self, and maybe a friend.
Don't be shy, just ask any table if they have room for another player.

Currently, the seating is just in their restaurant -- but they have lots of room.
Find out more about this new store at www.moxboardinghouse.com/portland

The Mox can be reached via Bus and Max, but you drive -- the Fred Meyer parking lot is always an option, and only a block away.

Please be responsible and respectful in these interesting times, we encourage all flavors of people to come by.

The Mox has food and drink, see more here: www.moxboardinghouse.com/portland-menu

If you have any questions, just ask for John at the Event or message me or the Organizer of this Group at any time.

Epic Roleplaying Evenings

Ken's Artisan Bakery

D&D and Star Pirates

Epic Role-playing at the Mox has transitioned to my place, about 3 blocks away. (At 21st & Flanders)

For D&D 5E the characters are 5th Level, studying at the Arts and Defense University in the Last Elvin City (after the Dragon Wars). Here you learn new abilities, meet friends, engage in urban intrigue, and take lots of field trips.

Star Pirates is a home brew space game of privateer adventure in the New Worlds!

In a galaxy filled with Eldar, Syreen, Thanigarians, RoboTrons (Transformers), Skrulls, and Blobs -- and so much more stolen from comics, books, games, TV and movies.

Your scallywag did not really fit into polite imperial society, or something tragic happened that made you chose to leave civilization travel thousands of light years away to the savage New Worlds.

Seeking a new life of fortune and glory -- measuring all creatures by their merits and not preconceived prejudices.


Oct 9 = Star Pirates
Oct 16 = D & D
Oct 23 = Star Pirates
Oct 30 = D & D
Nov 6 = Star Pirates
Nov 13 = D & D
Nov 20 = Star Pirates
Nov 27 = D & D ? Unless too many people are out of town.

Contact me for details and Location.

- - -

I encourage people who have little to no experience with RPGs to give this a try. Veterans role-players are also very appreciated. :)

We try to keep the sessions episodic so you can jump in any time, or miss sessions -- and it's no big deal.

We are generally rules light, fun focused, letting your creativity shine from the dorky to the dramatic. All experience levels accommodated, and personal uniqueness is encouraged.

Other games we play run the gamut from Fantasy to, Pulp, Super, Cyber, Space, and the occasional Cthulian Horror.

From Tolkien to Terminator, and Harry Potter to Heavy Metal.

Move mountains, shake worlds, enjoy a drink, and make friends as we share in Epic Sagas.

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