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Friday Lunchtime Hoops
Gym is open at 1:00 and we will start the game promptly at 1:15. We must be out of the gym by 2:45. Please do not enter the gym before 1:00. Signups are unlimited until Thursday at 1:00 (24 hours in advance) and all players are encouraged to signup if they want to play regardless of how many others have already signed up. There is no benefit to signing up earlier than Thursday at 1:00. Organizers will select 14 players on Thursday afternoon based on some convoluted logic which includes basketball ability, history with the group, and preference to those who got bumped the week before. Organizers will move others to the waiting list where Meetup will automatically move them to in if anyone signs out. This means that if you get moved from the waiting list to in that you are in for Friday. Cost is $4 per player payable to the staff at the desk. Pay by cash per session or pay by credit card for 15 sessions at once on account. Jerseys are not provided. Bring a white shirt and any color dark shirt -- or a reversible white-dark jersey. Showers are not available.

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Hello and welcome to NW Portland Lunchtime Hoops. New players, please read this information first before joining the group:

This group is for experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable basketball players only. Most of our members played high school varsity and some played college. Many of us have seen a year or ten pass since those days so our brain may be a bit quicker than our feet but this is a high level game. If you don't play regularly at a competitive level this is not the group for you. Having said that, we welcome new members and we are friendly so if you are not sure then come play with us and we will see how you fit in. Just be aware that we will let you know if it is not a good fit.

Lunchtime hoops is a guaranteed game at a set time with guaranteed playing time. We cap the game at 14 players so there are no more than 7 on each team and we rotate evenly. No winner stays and no sitting out for a game. Show up, play, leave.

We believe that more players will want to play lunchtime hoops if they know the game will be played at a high level with no scrubs. We hope that all of you will spread the word about our game to other good players.

We organize a weekly competitive pickup games on Fridays during lunchtime. If you are looking to play pickup in the evenings or on weekends, please visit our friends at and click on Pick-to-Play.

We absolutely despise no shows. To that end, if you signup and no show, you must pay a $10 penalty to the "free game fund" in order to play again. Once we have enough money in the "free game fund" then the game is free to everyone. We sincerely hope that we never have a free game because we do not want any no shows.

You must signup for each game here. We will have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 players. Instead of the traditional first 14 to sign in policy which is the default on Meetup, we have unlimited signups until Thursday at 1:00 which is 24 hours in advance. At this time, an organizer will change the limit for the current week's game to 14 players. If we have more than 14 signed in then we will choose the top 14 regulars and put the others on the waiting list. We will openly admit that "regular" status is a subjective combination of longevity, skill level, and who got bumped to the waiting list in previous weeks. Then from Thursday 1:00 to game time the normal Meetup behavior will be enabled so if one of the 14 who were in signs out then the next one on the waiting list will get bumped to in. This means that there is no advantage to signing in early. You can sign in the week before or Thursday at 12:59 and it makes no difference.

We are not making a profit as all fees are paid directly to the gyms.

Jerseys are not provided. Each player must bring a white shirt and any color dark shirt -- or a reversible white-dark jersey.

We will usually have two 30-35 minute halves although this is dependent on the behavior of our ancient scoreboard. Running time in the first half until the last 10 seconds. Running time in the second half until the last two minutes if the difference is six points or less. Any time the difference is seven points or more the clock runs and any time it is six or less it stops. I'm proud to say that liked our clock rules so much that they adopted them!

We will substitute in rotation every 4-5 minutes so all players will get the same amount of playing time.

Organizer will make the teams in an attempt to make the game as evenly matched as possible.

No referees. Offense calls fouls.

Thanks for reading all of the details. See you on the court.

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