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Monthly meeting to discuss PostgreSQL and general database topics. Have a request for a topic, or would you like to present to a fun an easy going crowd? We'd like to hear about your requests (https://goo.gl/forms/xXtnDF6NCus3YfQc2).

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PDXPUG: Temporal Databases: Theory and Postgres

2828 SW Corbett Ave

Note: Back to third Thursday this month! Speaker: Paul Jungwirth Temporal databases let you record history: either a history of the database (what the table used to say), a history of the thing itself (what it used to be), or both at once. The theory of temporal databases goes back to the 90s, but standardization has only just begun with some modest recommendations in SQL:2011, and database products (including Postgres) are still missing major functionality. This talk will cover how temporal tables are structured, how they are queried and updated, what SQL:2011 offers (and doesn't), what functionality Postgres has already, and what remains to be built. Paul started programming on a Tandy 1000 at age 8 and hasn't been able to stop since. He helped build one of the Mac's first web servers in 1994 and has founded software companies in politics and technical hiring. He works as an independent consultant specializing in Rails, Postgres, and Chef.

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PDXPUG: Multi-master replication

2828 SW Corbett Ave

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