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What we’re about

This group was created to join like minded individuals together in a safe environment where they can explore through techniques of meditation, movement and discussion to discover who they are , what is their life's purpose and find their answers to who they truly are. Find your keys to empowerment so that your path is lightened as your journey and purpose in life become clearer . This group is created for those seeking spiritual answers, empowerment, or those seeking truth. Sacred tools from the ancient times of King Salomon will be used to enable this journey to be kept sacred and within a safe and nurturing environment.

I am a certified teacher, guide and healer and carry forth the ancient traditions as taught by the Modern Mystery School. It is my goal to enable others to become empowered through these teachings: I offer classes in Sanctuary Meditation, Empower Thyself, Spiritual Awakening and Astral Travel and Sacred Geometry I and II. I offer life activations, emotional cord release and baby blessings and house blessings.

I hope you join me and we journey together in peace. contact Phyllis Francene @ 732-882-9676