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This group is about connecting conscious individuals who are committed to fulfilling the mission they came here for with the tools, teachers and techniques to overcome life's adversities during a monumental time in HuEmanity's history! We will come together for educational talks and summits designed to break free of external control as we surrender to the light within.

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Book Medicine For The Soul: Laura JeH's Born-day Book Launch Party

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For my birthday I'm excited to invite you to a book medicine call where you can come and I'll flip to a part in the book and read a section, tell a tale and offer any other insights that might be of interest or insightful for you.

You'll be able to place your book order with me live and let me know who to make the inscription to which I'll post out the next day.

The event will be live streamed so you are welcome to join me in the Zoom room and receive your soul medicine from the chosen words.

Topic: Laura JeH's Born-Day Book Medicine Session
Time: Oct 10, 2022 @ 8 PM EST (- 10ish)

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Taking "Just Say No" To The Next Level Lawfully

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What is the difference between coercion and bullying?

How has the toxic narrative gone so far, despite our best efforts to stop it?

Who should pay for harm caused by a social experiment of control?

All good questions with simple answers that have been complicated by professionals we were told are the ones who will get us out of this mess. But the truth is they can't and we're going to talk about why this is both true and not true.

The con vid game has seemed to fade to the background during the sun and fun of summer but I want to make sure we're ready for what's next vibrationally. Check this documentary out here: https://youtu.be/09maaUaRT4M

I break a lot of these concepts down in 'FULLY COMMITTED: The Sacred Sojourn of NOW' which I'll share a summary of [its key points] so you can see why I took a break from hosting meetings and focused on getting this vital information packaged in a more comprehensive way.

In this meeting I will be bringing together some major concepts to empower students, employees, parents, and anyone else who currently identifies with a status, to understand how to take 'Just Say NO!' to the next level lawfully, with real consequences for the ones bullying you.

By attending this meeting I hope you will leave feeling empowered to make claims via lawful notice (not legal ones & what the difference is), take names and use them in claims your notices give you legs to stand on legally, and take the suits (titles/statuses/personages) off the men and women causing you harm or loss in the name of fraud you can hold them liable, accountable and responsible for.

We all choose our role and must remember our soul is on the line.

The myth of Santa Claus(e) is a precursor to what is unfolding culturally and we are responsible for recognizing the danger of pro-social lies.

The Hierarchy of Creation will be used to remind you of who and whose you are regardless of which box (word) you put the creator of all into.

No templates will be provided nor are they recommended AND you'll be made aware of how to create simple Notices that actually protect you and hold other men and women liable personally for coercion or harm caused by placing their name on corporate mandates that cause us harm or loss.

By dealing with my own summons (for my person) from speaking at a rally last year, I've learned a lot of practical information I'll share freely because that's how it was shared with me. And in the process I'd like to see men and women return to school or work without FEAR falsely fronting them because they didn't know how to claim rights our person doesn't have.

We've been deceived to believe we are our person and that is not true. Nor do we need to be the implied surety for it (our person), if we know how to make claims and take names, and then stand on those claims to call the men and women causing us harm liable, accountable and responsible for their choice to participate in a dangerous game of chess we weren't versed in, until now.

Join Zoom Meeting at 7:55pm and listen to Robin Benedict's song "Freedom" featured on Album22 and we'll have Q&A time after this presentation of information that I believe can equip you to take your power back into the NOW (Empowering Leaders of Self Mastermind: Your SPECIAL Practice meeting room):

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Album 22+ Anniversary Meetup: Celebrating Transformation

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Jared Wade of MadHatterMusic.org and Laura JeH have teamed up twice before to create the Album 22 experience that has so far resulted in the composition of 2 playlists with 22 songs on each. Check them our at album22.com

Now we're aiming for 2023 and we're teaming up with Soulshiners who want to shine bright in the darkness of ignorance and vibrational dysharmony. It's time for us to create opportunities to uplift our own vibrational field so that we are able to stand firmer despite the winds of change that are upon us all now regardless of where we find ourselves.

We are all riding the same mothership and need to do our part to uplift the vibration of that which we are all part of so let's join together to hear songs from the first two albums and get acquainted with artists who are here to help uplift and harmonize hue-manity one uplifting song at a time!

Opportunities to be announced live.

As artists our energetic signature matters and so we have created a space where artists can collaborate with other artists to uplift one another and leverage the power of connection in the name of health on all levels.

Monthly meetings are meant to support artists as we continue to grow and build ourselves & community.

Topic: Mad Hatter's Mystical Music Series - YR 3
Time: Oct 22,[masked]:00 PM EST

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Laura JeH's Reviewing Reviews Show With LIVE Q&A

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Laura JeH's Reviewing Reviews Show With LIVE Q&A is an opportunity for us to gather in common unity to read the comments you have left through reviews that I am grateful to you for leaving for me.
It takes a village to raise a child and a creative baby is no different, and I know I'm not the only artist finding my way in this world.
I am asking for support from those willing to invest in my book and leave a public review online that we can all read and unpack together because there is often great wisdom stored in the question itself that can be spoken into!
I was supposed to be at trial on this date at this time but my case was stayed because pursuing it further would have threatened to expose the legal fiction and what I know for sure is that it isn't over yet I'm grateful it was drug on for so much longer than was lawfully permit-table.
I learned a lot and want to share the outcome of this whole affair with the legal realm and the law of one in reversal.
I have steps to take leading up to this date so I'll work on them behind the scenes and then share the updates on the call for I do believe they are relevant to us all, especially now that Event 201's planning is most obviously at play.
Let's create and build another way together as we gather in common unity!
Join this "Empowering Leaders of Self Mastermind: Your SPECIAL Practice" Zoom Meeting from 9-11am and let's read your reviews and dig deeper into the questions within them:
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Taking "Just Say No" To The Next Level Lawfully

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