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What we’re about

Why Join PeacePractice?
We are building a community that gathers daily to observe 20 minutes of silence, awareness, and community.

All are welcome, no one is excluded.

A large group of diverse people focusing on peaceful moments together in silence for 20 minutes is an act of rare solidarity.

Regular meditation on peaceful action will transform your thoughts, which will transform your actions, which will transform your community and the world.

Our growing numbers will be one way to witness for peace in our community and world.

Unity in diversity. Peace in silence together.

Every gathering is opened with the following greeting:
Dear friends, 
We now begin our 20 minutes of peaceful silence together.
May this time begin to transform our minds and hearts, as we seek to sustain peaceful actions in our daily lives.
May our commitment to this practice foster a non-violent openness to love others freely.
And if we do happen to come together as enemies, may we leave together as brothers and sisters.

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