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Bring a Sack Lunch and Learn!

Be more rested: An experiment using Arduinos, and Nodejs with lighting to simulate the effects of sunsetting in your houses.
I find I feel healthiest on a vacation away from the city at a log cabin with little electric light. I go out to the country and the rhythms of my body sync up with the light cycle of the day. I wake up when the sun rises, and I wind down when it sets. It's a healthy rhythm that we should experiment with in the city. And our houses should help us do it. We shouldn't have to make a decision to turn off the lights in our house, or dim them. Our technology should do this for us - putting us into a rest mode.
Come see and hear about an experiment in this using Arduinos, some ruby, Nodejs, and lightbulbs. I'll tell how I incorporated this into my life, and how it has made me more rested and more balanced or how it has not.
****What to bring: A sack lunch of your choice
****What to do: Participate and Learn
This event is free with RSVP or $40 without RSVP at the door.
Scott Motte is a hacker. He likes to build things and take things apart. He works for SendGrid as a developer evangelist. You can often find him at a hackathon or contributing open source on GitHub. Follow him on Twitter ( and on GitHub (