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The Perth Data Engineering Meetup is the bringing together of folks that are interested in the movement of data and everything that it entails to make it reliable, trustworthy and performant.
The world of data is extremely broad so we focus specifically on engineering and not other disciplines such as Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Analytics and others because we feel that there is already so much to talk and share about in Data Engineering.
It is our sincere hope that you find this meetup as a place to learn and share in your growth as a data engineer.

Speakers - please register your interest in speaking here: https://dataengconf.com.au/forms/meetup-talk

💬 Join our Slack Group here: https://goo.gl/forms/DVNazDmNBg1FFm2X2
🎥 Watch the livestreams here: https://www.youtube.com/c/DataEngAU

Upcoming events (1)

Perth DataEngBytes Conference 2023!

The Ritz-Carlton, Perth

Announcing DataEngBytes Perth 2023! Here for the first time in Perth and taking place in-person at The Ritz-Carlton.

Our talks are designed to be bite-sized and suitable for an in-person format:

  • 15 minute lightning talk for up-and-coming speakers
  • 30 minutes (including Q&A)

Our speakers will share a range of learnings, real-world experiences and best practices with us. Some topics they will cover include:

  • Data at rest - data warehouses, data lakes, data storage, data lakehouses
  • Data in motion - event and streaming architectures, batch processing architectures, IoT, data orchestration
  • Data we share - data contracts, teams, topologies, access management
  • Data we value - fin-ops & cloud costs, picking technology
  • Data we understand - data modelling, metric & semantic layer
  • Data for machine learning - MLOps, model deployment & monitoring, model serving & inference, data artefacts & feature stores
  • Data we trust - data discovery & provenance, data testing, data quality, data observability, ethics, security, compliance, CI/CD

We can't wait to announce this year's speakers with you soon!

🚨 ALERT 🚨: In order to attend this event, please note that you need to purchase tickets.
Get your tickets now at https://lnkd.in/dzRpjYTx for the DataEngBytes Conference 2023.

CFP Link:
Perth: https://lnkd.in/g7m2223x

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Perth Data Engineering - May 2023 Edition

level 10/100 St Georges Terrace

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