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Ph3ar Website (http://www.ph3ar.com)

What to expect at a PH3AR LAN - Promo Video - PH3AR Promo V1 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SQcgqRnQUA)

What we are:


We are about:

Having Fun, making friends, playing games (we like Counter Strike:GO, Rocket League and Starcraft A lot), Other games too, good causes (extra-life.org), and new technology.

Who we are:

We started out as a gaming clan in basements and gaining popularity as east coast LAN legends, but later we took put focus to broader horizons and went from from LAN promoters to passionate technologists, conference hosts, engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants, leaders and hackers. Today the core team continues to grow with original crew and welcoming the like-minded awesome people that mesh with the awesome culture we come from and continue to cultivate it. We met each other by showing up at each others houses without ever met in person carrying our CRT monitors and have been doing this ever since.All good people with insane amounts of knowledge and skill levels in relevant subjects. Bringing a monitor (or something like it) is still one of the requirements :) Join us!

Requests to attendees

This is a gaming LAN / Hack-A-Thon / Choose your own adventure! The rules are simple.

1. You must bring a laptop or full desktop system.

2. Additional technology is welcome. (Robots, VR, AR, wearables, etc. etc. whatever you want)

3. Follow rule #1

4. This is probably the most important rule.... you MUST be a good person. You will be outnumbered...

5. Follow rule #4

6. Have some fun, make new friends and learn new things.

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