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Book Group - Being and Time (Part 1) - Martin Heidegger
*About the Philosophy in Pubs Book Group* Please read the with the book or text in advance of attending the session (even if you don't feel like you've perused it or understood it fully!) as this makes for a better conversation. The point of the sessions is not for 'experts' to educate novices about the book. It is not fair for those who have read the book to have to explain things to people who haven't. The group will then meet up to discuss the book, what they think the author is trying to say, what their key points are etc. and then to critique the arguments. As this requires substantial prior engagement, these sessions are not formally part of the Philosophy in Pubs organisation, but the large overlap means that we can use the same Meetup group and the sessions have a similar friendly and engaging feel. Current calandar of books: - 16 May What Is It Like to Be a Bat? - Thomas Nagel - 20 June; Mythologies - Roland Bathes - 18 July; Philosophical Investigations - Ludwig Wittgenstein - 15 August; Morality, An Introduction Ethics - Bernard Williams - 19 September; The Virtue of Selfishness - Ayn Rand - 17 October; On Violence - Hannah Arendt - 21 November; Being and Time? - Martin Heidegger Part 1 only - 16 January 2019 Art as Experience - John Dewey To volunteer a book for subsequent sessions, please email Lucas at [masked]. If you volunteer a book, please pick a date when you would be able to attend a session. Whoever suggests the book commits to attending the session and being a ‘point of contact’ for attendees when they arrive.

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Philosophy in Pubs is a community philosophy group addressing big questions on a variety of topics in a relaxed, informal environment. We hold discussions twice a month in central Oxford and once a month in Headington. No experience of philosophical enquiry is necessary - the idea is that it is possible to talk about philosophical ideas without having to know a lot about what the ‘great’ philosophers thought about things. We are more interested in making progress through sensible conversation than having a heated debate where there are ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. We welcome anybody from any background, age, gender, faith, ethnic group, educational or social background etc. See for more information about our meetings and please get in touch with any thoughts, concerns etc. To join the Headington Philosophy in Pubs Group, please see , though all events will be posted here too.

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