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Holiday Party, Wrap Up- Pow-Wow for 2018, And Fund-Raiser for T.R.E.P
Pictures will be posted shortly for this Meet-Up. Please bring yourself, spouse, partner, friend and children, but do RSVP as to how many can be expected to attend, per family. Food (hostess plans to cook some South Indian vegetarian dishes, if time permits; some meat dishes will be catered, and drinks ( wine, beer, sodas, herbal teas, kefir, masala chai and coffee will be provided). Venue-- Private home in South East Huntington Beach at Magnolia and Yorktown. Exact address will be provided to guests who RSVP. RSVPs will close on Tuesday, noon, P.T. Dec. 18th, 2018. Agenda: 6:30-8 PM approx. Guests will be served drinks, dinner, and will mingle. 8-9:30 p.m. -- The core group of philosophers will sit together and come prepared with the following: 1. Each philosopher will talk for about 3 mins, touching upon what he/she found to be of personal value in our textual and audio/ video reviews of Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, The Bachae at the Getty Villa, and any other philosophy meetups you attended in 2018. Also, come prepared with a favorite short stanza of a poem you think is beautiful and meaningful and be prepared to read a stanza or two in your 3 minute presentation. There will be no exposition of poetry, just a simple recitation by all in the group. In lieu of a gift exchange, this year, guests are requested to make a small donation to T.R.E P. The Residential Educational Program for needy village and street children. The school is based in a village in the outskirts of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Boys and girls from nearby villages are provided with a values’ based high school education in English and room/board by its founder/director, Robert LeVine, also known as Bob-ji and his wife, Seethamma LeVine. No donation is too small, but a suggested donation of $5 per person and $3 per child (under age 18). will be collected by cash or check. All donations are 100% tax deductible under the IRS rules, as the Sai Shankar Foundation is a registered charitable organization in the US.. Checks will be made out to: “Sai Shankar Foundation” and receipts will be mailed to you later for your tax purposes. This is from Bobji- Our USA contact info: Sai Ram. Checks may be made out to: SAI SHANKAR FOUNDATION Thank you for your support and caring. - bobji Please visit our website at TREP for info on our TREP balanced education programme : TREP Free balanced education for needy students Thanks again - Bobji LeVine, Director 2. If you have any dietary or other restrictions, please inform your hostess ahead of time, so she can prepare accordingly. 3. Thank you, and Namaste. :) Looking forward to a fun party, for all. :)))

address will be emailed out to those in Yes RSVP

address will be emailed out to those in Yes RSVP · orange county, CA

What we're about

We meet periodically to discuss topics and issues in philosophy. Normally our discussions focus on the announced topic; but occasionally we allow for an open, free flowing discussion. Our discussions are open to all levels of experience.

Other meetings are small reading groups which focus on specific philosophical works.

Much of philosophy deals with nagging questions, for example

Given the great success of science, what is the function of philosophy? Is there metaphysical truth? Is there a separate mental reality? What are the sources and limits of human knowledge? Does God exist? How do we explain evil? Which traditional religious beliefs are worth holding? Do we have reasons for believing that humans have a soul? Are computers capable of conscious thought? In the face of physical determinism, do persons have freedom of the will? Are there objective standards of right and wrong? How is morality related to law? Are social order and individual freedom compatible?

These and many other such questions do not have easy answers, if they have any answer at all.

We provide a forum for those interested in exploring the variety of "answers" which philosophers have offered, and also for those who wish to try their own "answers" to such questions. We welcome people from all backgrounds, philosophical and religious. But this is not a forum for those whose aim is to avow or preach the 'ultimate truth' of their religious faith or promote their latest version of "miracle" therapy. We ask that you engage in a dialogue of critical, rational philosophy, a search for clarity, meaning, and (possibly) a small piece of truth.

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