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What we’re about

The goal of this group is to take the fear out of divorce with a simple and supportive approach!

Who should join - anyone who is considering a divorce or is even in the middle of their divorce

In this group, we will cover the following in a webinar format:
1. Divorce Basics, including how to file for divorce, what your options are for the divorce process, how much divorce costs, and how long it takes.
2. Financial Pitfalls, including what the main financial mistakes are during divorce, how you can avoid these mistakes, and what professionals can assist you.
3. Next Steps, including how to plan for a divorce, what resources are available for you, and what you need to prepare during your divorce.

This event is offered twice per month, on a weeknight and a Saturday morning.

The Divorce Bootcamp is easy to join online via Zoom.

Led by Kristyn Carmichael, Arizona attorney, mediator, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Available for questions, but please know that legal advice will not be provided.

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