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What we’re about

Hi! Our group is about appreciating nature 🌳, the earth 🌎, the sun ☀️, being healthy, the joy of meeting new people AND HAVING FUN... with friendly open-minded people of all ages / sizes / colors / orientations / extroverts or introverts / creeds welcome.
Our Hiking and Happy Hour events are all about the fun of course, and also about the JOURNEY AND THE PEOPLE. It's not a race or competition. We leave no one behind. Given the diversity of our events, some may need a helping hand - I got your back, whether it's a hand to climb down a steep and slippery rock, or simply someone to talk to. I appreciate everyone that comes to our events and care about your experience. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

I started this meetup because after countless hiking events as a participant, or alone - for me I find that hiking with people is better than doing it alone - especially during these troubled times. 2020 made me realize how important the human connection is - we are social creatures. We are stronger together. 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽

If I post a meetup here I am hosting (there may be others I am NOT hosting) - it is because I AM GOING - short of some personal emergency/sickness. We ask the same courtesy of those that sign up for events here - if you RSVP - please commit. If something "comes up" (and I understand plans change) then PLEASE remove your RSVP to allow others to join and so that I know to not wait for you. PLEASE do not put comments on the events or Message me with whatever reason it is you cannot make it - truthfully I don't have time to be reading that you can't make it because you ran out of gas or got a flat tire - PLEASE just simply change your RSVP to not going. Simple. Save the taxi cab confessions for your therapist.

Thank you for reading and I hope it encourages you to JOIN US on our events. Now let's have SOME FUN! It can only get better. It WILL get better. #2023🤝