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This group is for "serious" individuals looking to learn how to trade options to supplement their monthly income, be a primary source of income, or to enhance their retirement investments. This group was started to help others learn about options by having a discussion with a private volatility fund manager.

Each meetup will go over a option topic or strategy that can be used to gain income or to enhance a retirement account. In addition, live trading with real money will take place. This group welcomes beginners and experienced traders. Everyone will be treated with respect!

The main meetup will be monthly and lite refreshments will be served (possibly wine).

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Trading Option Calendar Spreads

Network event

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We encourage beginners to come and learn!

The calendar spread, like the butterfly strategy, is an option strategy people like to say they do to impress others, but is the calendar spread a good strategy?

In this webinar, we will analyze the following:

  1. What are the mechanics of a calendar spread put or call?
  2. What is the rationale of the calendar spread put or call?
  3. What are the advantages of a calendar spread?
  4. What are the disadvantages of a calendar spread?
  5. Should you do calendar spreads?

We believe the calendar option spread is a very interesting strategy for beginners and experienced traders to understand. Therefore, join us for this webinar to analyze why.

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Options Basics Series (Part 1 of 3): What are call & put options?

Network event

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Options are the most strategic and dynamic product to trade because they allow the most flexibility and cost-efficiency. However, learning to understand options can be challenging.

In this webinar options series, we will review the basics and provide what we believe are keys to understanding and building a great foundation for buying and selling options.

We will build a foundation by reviewing the following:

Part 1 of 3:

  1. What are options?
  2. What is the call option and how can I use it?
  3. What is the put option and how can I use it?

Trading options can be the most powerful money generator for a person looking for monthly income or to enhance an IRA account. You don’t want to miss this webinar series on the basics; building the right foundation can prevent your account from collapsing.

This webinar series will help beginners build the right foundation and help experienced traders repair a poor foundation.

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5 Great Option Trades for Beginners

Network event

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In this one-hour webinar on your options learning journey, we will explain and set up 5 great option trades. Once you have your platform setup, account funded, you could trade on your own while having an understanding of these 5 trades.

We will explain the risk/reward and how to proceed towards a new monthly income stream. If you have been hearing about the options marketplace, just getting started with options, or have been trading for a short while, this will be a great session in making sure you understand how to make money with options.

We will leave time for questions and answers, as well as cover a few basic terms everyone needs to know about.

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Understanding The 4 Major Option Greeks

Network event

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We encourage beginners to come and learn!
This webinar topic is on “The 4 Major Option Greeks.” To effectively trade options for monthly income all option traders should have an understanding of the 4 main option Greeks.

The 4 main option Greeks are as follows:

  1. Delta
  2. Gamma
  3. Theta
  4. Vega

Come join us for this very educational event. Regardless if you are new or experienced with options you will understand them better after attending this event.

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Introduction To 0 DTE SPX: The Statistical Day Trade

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