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Learn how to enter the world of stand up comedy, and how to write, rehearse, and perform in front of a live audience and on the brave new world of Zoom and other social media.

For the last twenty years, we have had the best of Phoenix comedy pass through our doors. Many have gone from our beginning workshop to national television and more. Conan, Kimmel, HBO, and so many more have welcomed our alumni to their stage.

Now you have a unique opportunity to not only learn how to write, rehearse, and perform stand up comedy but to learn how to do it on camera years before you get your television shot!

The positives in all of this? We've lowered our prices, you can learn from the comfort of your own home, you save on gas, and you're never stuck in traffic!

If you try stand up, I guarantee you will be offered opportunities. There are countless clubs, shows, tv shows, and social media outlets. The only question is, will you be ready?

Take a leap of faith and do something for yourself. We've all been through a lot. You deserve it.

Simply go to Comedyschools.com register and pay. Once you do you will receive your Zoom codes! Stand up is about to change. We will help you be ready! standup comedy classes (http://comedyschools.com/workshops/stand-up-comedy-class-arizona).

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New free website for comedy writers!
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Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you an amazing new website that we will be actively involved with going forward:

Comedywire.com is a joke-writing platform that functions like Twitter meets Reddit, just for comedy. Real news headlines are curated daily, serving as a stream of setups to write jokes about. You will find the platform helps you write more frequently, improve your punchlines and network in the industry.

Pro comedians and writers on the site include Tom Leopold (writer at Seinfeld and Cheers), Joe Toplyn (former head-writer of The Tonight Show), and Jackie Martling (former head-writer of The Howard Stern Show), and Harrison Greenbaum (Last Comic Standing) to name a few. In short, this is an amazing way for you to network and show off your talent. I encourage you to stay active and build a following. Gilbert Gottfried will be speaking with July's top writers from the site.

We will be submitting topics and reading off the funniest responses on the air twice a day. Let us know your feedback on the site!

Best, Tony

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