Next Meetup

Play WW2/ACW operational or tactical wargames
The individual games will vary with attendee interest each session. I have a large collection of 300 or so titles, especially from GMT and MMP, but also other publishers. This next session will focus on the Glory Series of American Civil War (ACW) games (GMT, Richard Berg design), specifically the Battle of Antietam from Glory III. We will be using some of my own "house rule" modifications to the system, especially changes to its fire combat in the interests of realism, without sacrificing its basic highly playable systems. I will post the details of those changes on the game's page of Board Game Geek before the session, will have "cheat sheets" of any altered game systems, and can explain the whole system for anyone interested. Since this game is a bit long, I have extended the end time to early evening, and I expect we will get pizza or similar at some point in the session.

JasonC's home, Anthem AZ

3852 W Ranier Court · Anthem, AZ